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Small,sad one :(
Kaziranga:It was 4.30 AM when I suddenly woke up from 
the mobile alarm cursing my friends " why the hell so
After much struggle with the sheets; I got up and
brushed my teeth.To my surprise none of my friends
was awake.

I was delighted. Since this was a perfect opportunity
to break their sweet dawn dreams with my relentless
thumping and kicking of their doors. And in
no time my 6 friends were awake.

We went out of our institute campus and three of us took the roadside tea and boarded
the rickety auto rickshaw.The auto rickshaw left us at the bus stand from where we went
to ISBT. My friend Sourish (fattest of us all and most caring almost like our mother)
booked 6 seats in a bus for Kaziranga and we were off in no time.
our elephant.. of the elephant ride we had.. (this elephant farted a lot .. lol!!)

ISBT Guwahati

Let me describe ISBT Guwahati.. the picture ..
It was a modern building built in desert.
all around it was a urban desert and suddenly you
find ISBT being built in midst of it.

The sight allayed impending future trouble.
It was like a modern concrete building built
in Desert. Moreover, the designers had done a
terrible job.

The whole building had a glassy outlook and it
was an eye sore in that scorching sun. I have
in recent times seen many government architecture
have a glassy metallic exterior even though we have
blazing sun for more than 6 months in half of the country.
Nevertheless,I thought that Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary where actually we were headed would
provide a respite.
As usual, after shoving our luggage in the bus we went to relieve ourselves.
my group!!
I wandered into
the open whereas my friends went in search of the ISBT men toilet. And lo !! even before I
started peeing one of my
friend rushes towards me (almost puking).He says
he could not endure even the sight of the of public
toilet.He was scared that he might have
got Hendria. Smilingly and being smug on my practical
intelligence I peed on the garbage can where some
cows were scavenging for food.


The bus was hot inside.there was no a/c and we
were getting roasted inside. The conductor stopped
the bus just after it had started to move.
He was trying to fill the bus somehow. We shouted at
him and after 15 minuted of baking ourselves we
were finally set off.

I opened the big window and was enjoying the Dry air
hitting my face.I plugged in my i-pod and Guns and Roses
was booming in my ears .
My group!! (minus arvind who took the pic)
......" Welcome to the Jungle!!!....
Sweet child of mine" Bus journey was getting
boring and boring.with dry air making me thirsty..
I gulped down half a litre and of water and went to sleep//..

My friends were joking and talking a lot.. but I chose
sleep over their non-sense bantering. I woke up after
2.5 hours when the bus came to a halt at Nagaon.
The bus had stopped in front of a Dhaba... where we were
supposed to relieve ourselves and eat something.The
food was absolutely rubbish.I could not muster up
the courage to eat the kind of dirty dishes
being served there.My two friends were brave enough
to gobble that stuff.

I bought some packed food.. like mixture..
soon we again we hit the road and I again slept
till we reached Kaziranga.


The bus dropped us at the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary.
nice sunset..!!

I was dead tired but my group of friends enthused me
to take up the Jeep safari.Penniless as our group is
always we hired one Jeep for the whole group and were now
into the real jungle.

All of us are no wildlife enthusiasts.. we are all
dumb guys who are not interested in the birds at all,
different varieties of trees etc. We were
just here to find ourselves and being attacked by
elephants or tiger.Anything less than that is not an
enriching experience.

This was the kind of attitude of our group. Much to our
disgust we found that Kaziranga was more of a grass land
rather than a dense jungle. we could see the
elephants roaming around about 200 metres away
 from us. Some of my friends already started
moaning that the zoo would have been a better
option where you could see animals
from a metre distance.
playing see saw!!

As jeep went more into the jungle.. we found ourselves
standing on the seats of the jeep.The air had become
humid,denser and cooler.We all were enjoying air
hitting us right into out face.I missed beer at
this moment. we were all laughing and joking
about the animals(without any sort of
respect for the exotic birds..) since
they were elusive.

after a lot of jokes and taking pictures of ourselves
rather than of the sanctuary.. we reached to the end
of our rather boring(adventure wise)
safari. We requested the driver of the jeep to drive
the jeep at more than
120 km/hr so that we could at least enjoy the cool
air as were standing on
the seats of the jeep. This was the most
enthralling experience of the
whole safari.

Evening and Night in Kaziranga

After the dirty Safari; we were all left thirsty
and unclean.
the Great Indian Rhino!!
There was literally and in my
mouth..!! We all searched and settled for one hotel.3
guys in one room(fortunately none of us is gay)
 We took shower.. and then we started to laze out in
the hotel's so called living room which was
completely except us 6 guys. we ordered for
6 cups of tea.. and it was the
worst tea of my life.probably, it was made out of
sheep's milk to which I am not accustomed to.

After tea, we went out for a walk..and to
search some place good to eat.but Kaziranga closes
early. so shutters of shops were getting down.and
I was scared since I needed a heavy good meal as
I had not eaten anything worthwhile for about
24 hours. we went inside another hotel(which looked
bigger and better than ours) The restaurant
manager took our order and
asked us to wait for about 1 hour.
me raping Siddharth !! (lol)

We all slipped out into the children's park of
that hotel.. we started playing on the see-saw..
and the swings... we played with the children..
as there was nobody; me and Siddharth started
enacting a rape scene .. in the public park
and our friends filmed us. I was the rapist
and Siddharth was the victim.It was real
fun(since we all are a frustrated bunch of
virgin guys) enacting the rape in a public
park(hey we did not shed our

Soon the one hour wait was over. Vegetarians
took and 1 table and the non-veg another. to my
horror the veg food was pathetic.nothing could be
worse than that. i was really dejected. even
the desert which we ordered was made of stale
milk. i was really unhappy with how the things had
worked out.

I went to the bar with my friends and gulped down
 3 beers in an attempt to rid myself of the sadness.

we joked and chatted about girls,ways to
masturbate and then I remember having debate on
morality with my friend Arvind then my memory blurs
which means I was off to sleep after that.

Next Day in Kaziranga

So another day in Kaziranga... today we had planned to
 have an elephant ride. got up early... washed our
face, brushed..my teeth. and then off we
were on the jeep.

the jeep took us into the jungle and up to the elephant
point. in between this we saw a rare sight. Two rhinos
mating.. till now we had not seen two
humans mating but we witness the mega mating of the
heavy rhinos. we clicked and captured the moments.

Soon we reached the elephant point. this time our group
was chilled out. we had no expectations.. we were there
to joke,chat, banter.

We all got onto a elephant and were exploring the jungle.
he just took a bath..

We saw that there was a guard roaming with a gun.
This sight really made us nuts..A guard
with a rifle what for??( there was not even a single
animal in sight for about a few kilometres.)

the high moments in this ride were when the elephant
started farting a lot.other wise it was a sad experience.

Drinking in Kaziranga

Our group could take it any more. We decided to leave
Kaziranga. We all went back to our hotel. As usual I,
 sourish,vikas and rajnish went to out
to explore some of the unknown lanes of Kaziranga.
I bought 5 bottles of beer 3 for myself and rest
for the group. We drank along as we were
traversing the unknown alleys and forests of
Kaziranga. It was really fun to look at the rural
life there. the villagers were scared as we were
drinking out into the open.
I stand alone..leafless
Still we drank the beer.

After a good look on the rural life we came
back to the hotel.the non vegs decided to have lunch.
the vegs were still not out of the last nights
traumatic dinner. we abstained from taking any meal.
I took another 3 bottles of beer to keep myself
charged up. But I am not a regular
drinker.These 3 beers really made me nuts.

I was singing and playing Holi with the local crowd.
I was smeared with colours and was found singing
Guns and Roses at  the top of my voice in the
middle of the road.
While I was having fun, rest of the group was waiting
for the bus. After about 2 hours the bus came and
I with the help of friends boarded the bus.I soon
 went out and slept thoughout the whole
journey back.

As I was sitting quiet away from the group I
was robbed of my ipod in the bus.(while I was sleeping)

The journey came to an end... when I woke up.
Bulldog1up says:
nice travel journal
Posted on: Apr 01, 2009
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Small,sad one :(
Small,sad one :(
our elephant.. of the elephant
our elephant.. of the elephant r…
my group!!
my group!!
My group!!
(minus arvind who 
My group!! (minus arvind who t…
nice sunset..!!
nice sunset..!!
playing see saw!!
playing see saw!!
the Great 
Indian Rhino!!
the Great Indian Rhino!!
me raping Siddharth !!
me raping Siddharth !! (lol)
he just took a bath..
he just took a bath..
I stand alone..leafless
I stand alone..leafless
do not take my pic!!
do not take my pic!!
rhinos mating..
 a rare pic i gue…
rhinos mating.. a rare pic i gu…
my friend 
Joda in goggles!!!
my friend Joda in goggles!!!
nothing better
 to do.. hence for…
nothing better to do.. hence fo…
nothing philosophical!!
 me drink…
nothing philosophical!! me drin…
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