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Hello all!
Im trying (desperately) to plan my tour across Europe. I could use any help and advice you might have. I am, of course, traveling on a budget. Currently, Im wrestling with the decision of transportation from place to place. Train or Air. I have found a few rail passes that would work, but is it a good deal to buy a pass? or just buy a multi city? or one way ticket? Ive also found some cheap air tickets (ryan air).
Here is a tentative plan for my schedule - please let me know what you think, and any info or advice on what to see and do in these places would be much appreciated!!

June 2- June 30 - Touring Germany with Choir. Based in Munster with opportunity for day and weekend travel.

July 1- I have to get from Munster (or frankfurt) to Barcelona, Spain.

July 1- July 30- Au Pairing and living with a family in Barcelona. Have loads of free time to sight-see!

Here is where it gets tricky!!!
Aug 1 - TRAVEL from BCN and visit family friends in Toulouse France.

Aug 4 - TRAVEL from Toulouse, FR to Paris, FR.  - I am still looking for a place to stay in Paris.
On my own to travel and sightsee. I want to see and do as much as I can! I plan on staying for about a week, perhaps with some side excursions.

Aug 11 - TRAVEL from Paris to Rome, Italy. Still looking for a place to stay in Rome. Again, on my own to see and do as much as I can!! Will be relying on public transportation, and my feet, everywhere.

Aug 17 - TRAVEL from Rome to Venice. Im assuming the train would be the best and cheapest way, should that be included in the rail pass, or would it be cheaper to buya point to point?
Im planning on spending 2 or 3 days in Venice, hopefully couchsurfing.

Aug 19 - TRAVEL from Venice to Florence. Im meeting some family friends in Florence and staying at their home in the country side for a week. I dont know if I will have access to transportation to get into the city.

Aug 26- TRAVEL from Florence to Rome to catch my 10 am flight back home!!

It is a pretty action packed schedule, but I want to get as much as I possibly can planned out now to keep the stress down later. Any and all advice needed!
Also, I am hoping to plan my days according to what sights are most convenient to each other, neighborhood wise, and to cut down on travel expenses and time.

I am also looking into the International Youth ID cards, does anyone have experience with these? There are a few different types that offer all kinds of discounts, some even travel insurance (which I also still need). Is it worth it?

What is the best cell phone/ communication plan? I have skype, but I am also looking into a mobile phone. Are there cheap Europe to USA plans? Would I be able to use any applications, such as GPS, Internet, or Translations on my cell??

I know this is a lot to ask, and Im doing all the research I can! Answers or ideas to ANY of the questions would be so helpful! I want to get real advice from like-minded travel lovers who have the experience!!

Hope to hear from you all soon!!

Thanks so much, and Happy Travels!


Romebuddy says:

From Spain to other cities in Europe there is also they also have very cheap flights and unlike Ryanair they get to the main airports of the city.
As for Italy the cheapest way to travel is the train unless you have your own transportation vehicle. you will be able to use your GPS and mobile phone of course, from Italy to USA is not very expensive anyway just as long as you don't stay hours on the phone (in that case you shouldn't be worrying about the phone bill but your brain), like I told you before if you need anything just let me know.
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
Eric says:
Since your travel is spread out over a long period of time, not sure how economical a railpass would be, since from my understanding they are mainly used for unlimited travel within a fixed time span. I'd recommend flying a budget airline like Ryanair or Easyjet from Germany to Paris, then again from Paris to Rome. Once you're in Italy, point to point tickets from Rome->Venice->Florence->Rome should be pretty cheap. But it might also be worth it to get a railpass just for these last few weeks, depending on the costs.
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
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