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me, klayton the pot head, and a cervaza skol

One of the things about ouro preto is that drug use is quite prevalent, so ladies watch your drinks.  I also had an experience that would bring the begining of me never touching the sweet sweet mary jane again. 

To set this up I was in Brazil doing aid work for folks in the favelas, if you look at any other of my journals you may figure this out.  Of course some of my fellow coworkers were curious about what the american college student wants, and yea I enjoyed marijuana, so they're like, hey we should go to ouro preto with my friend klayton.  So one weekend we went to ouropreto, and it was a hell of  a weekend. 

So early in the evening, me and klaton are at a party, and asks if I want to go smoke, so I'm like hell yea.

wow i'm baked
  So we go to a back alley, too many people around,, we keep walking and find a deserted area, overlooking directly a junkard type place, but also overlooking a beautiful alley so we start smoking.  We're lit up, and getting pretty baked when a police officer walks up, panicked I'm like, HIDE IT HIDE IT HIDE IT, but klaton in his infinite wisdom tells me "tranquilo tranquilo traniquilo", which means stay calm.  THe police officer comes up with a big smile at his face, and takes a hit from the joint.  Woooaaahhhh how cool it that.  Meanwhile we continue smoking and the police officer leaves, and then a second one comes to also enjoy my libations.  The point being, wow that was an eye oppening experience for myself, and whether its worth using drugs if I want to maintain my cover.  So kids, use drugs, but don't do it too much, and know when you cross the line!

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me, klayton the pot head, and a ce…
me, klayton the pot head, and a c…
wow im baked
wow i'm baked
Ouro Preto
photo by: osgoodst