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I have trouble sleep so, I get up after the breakfast period of 8 - 9 am. I get ready and go down to the lobby to leave. I spot Annie and wish her a good morning. She insists that I have breakfast. She is very kind to offer. Breakfast here is a roll, tomato, cheese, juice, and tea. I thank her. Clean and fed, I'm ready to explore. I head out to the bus terminus to start my exploration. I stop briefly to see the St. James Cathedral. It has much in color and detail, a sign of great power and wealth. Even the floor is filled with marbled inlayed plaques. It's under renovation, like all of Europe, so you can't see it all.

Off to the "bus go round". Hey, the fountains is working today and it look great against the cloudless blue sky. I find my stop on the ring and wait for my bus (80 or 81).

Within a short time I am on my way to Mdina and Rabat. Crammed city gives way to green valley and plateaus beyond. On the way out of town, we drove along side of Roman aquaduct that goes on for many miles. It went from Valletta to in the hills. It's the longest that I've ever seen.

(Mdina, Rabat, and Dingli journals)


The fountain is still spraying water and quite a sight upon the approach! I stop a a grocery and pick up water and some snacks. Oh my, a country that actually has peanut butter. Not a common product to find in my travels. I return to the guesthouse and sit out on my balcony. I write about my day while listening to the church bells.

View of Grand Harbor from just out side the Valletta bastions in Floriana
Someone is playing Celine Dion in their apartment, with volumel, and singing as well! It is memorable. I enjoy the changing colors over the tops of the buildings as the sun sets over Valletta.

After it gets dark, I go back out and walk Valleta at night. It's such a different place, then. I get to St. John Square. The Cathedral is lit well and is amazing with the warm glow of the limestone. I sat an analyzed it's design and realized that it's clocktower tells the day and date in addition to the time.

I walk Rupblic Avenue - deserted - silent!

I go to an internet cafe and spend an hour catching up on 6 days of email.

I walk through Freedom Square, past the Auberge, and down the walk along the outer wall. I walk through the opening in the bastion and have a fantastic view of the Grand Harbor and the 3 cities on the water, all lit up at night. They are much more impressive than in the daylight. Their flaws are hidden and everyone knows that evening light makes old and flawed look alive and dynamic. This is definitely true here. I am high enough that I am able to see the lit Mosta Dome and the hills beyond.

As I return to the guesthouse, I hear a choir singing in the church nearest me. I'm sure it's a service on this eve of the St. Joseph's feast. I feel included. The music is heavenly. I climb my stairs and stand at my balcony and enjoy my private concert. Thank you, Valletta, for the music.



gemini59 says:
Great blog my friend, I love reading it! :D
Posted on: Mar 27, 2009
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View of Grand Harbor from just out…
View of Grand Harbor from just ou…
photo by: Vikram