Always tell the bus driver Dingli Cliffs, not just Dingli!

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I get back on bus 81 and continue on to the Dingli cliffs on the south central coast. The bus driver told several others to get out in the city. They told him that they wanted to go to the cliffs. He told them that they hadn't paid for that but, he hadn't asked if they wanted the cliffs. Considering that the distance from there to the end point of the cliffs was considerable, he was really quite mean. I felt sorry for them. I was lucky enough to have said cliffs!

The road leading to the cliffs is terrible. It's not paved, only dirt with many rutts. Again, I feel sorry for the others who were left behind. We approach a building. It is the only building in sight. I recognize the name of the restaurant from the guide. We are there. But, there is NOTHING but this one restaurant.

The cliffs are to my right......they are spectacular but, there is nowhereville!!! I ask where to pick up the return bus and how frequently it comes. Another one comes in 30 minutes, that might be enough. The coast/cliffs have a sharp slope to them. The view is interesting large limestone boulders with a carpet of green and yellow flowers and purple flowers now and then. The blue of the Mediteranean is always a perfect backdrop, also. Offcoast just a bit, there is a tiny island that makes a perfect accompanyment for pictures. I stroll along the low stone fence and take in the view and the sun. I set on a boulder for a bit and just stare out the scenery to seal the memory. Here comes the bus, time to go. The ride back seemed mrore severe, rougher but, it may have been the driver. I was happy to get out.

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photo by: delsol67