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Describing the ....Las Vegas.... experience is like defining a Black Hole. It’s just not possible.

The place is like the appendix of the US..... It sucked out food that came in along with its nutrients only to use it to convert itself into a bomb that could eventually self destruct to take with it all the other body parts. It has been removed a long time ago but it persisted to exist and told the heart and brain and other organs, to hell with you, I’m going to live.

And live it did!

Walk the streets in a bottle of beer in hand and that’s not the first one… walk the casino and a formal theatrical play with high-heeled shoes as bracelets… shirtless at 0 degree celcius... french kiss between strangers, trust me they are strangers… dressing to flaunt all sizes shapes and colors, pleasing or not… flirting shamelessly.

and those are the easy parts… a dance without music in the middle of a hotel with a stranger… abundant calling cards with naked girls on the cover and prostitution is illegal… crawling naked people in the sidewalk and they’re not even drunk… elvis, yes that elvis, marrying a couple for $99 inclusive of a photographer and souvenirs… people who actually follow traffic rules… imagine that!

Then there are the things that can’t be mentioned because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You just got to respect that.

But always, no matter what you see, say, hear, smell, touch or, god forbid, experience, it always reveals a certain thing about you. Be it a capability to do something you never thought you’d do or an affirmation of something you really are. I guess that’s why Vegas is a league of its own. Only Vegas can do to you what Vegas can do to you.

Calling it the entertainment capital is an understatement of written history. There, heaven or earth doesn’t seem to exist. If it did, they’re probably too wasted and too busy with the slot machine to give a damn.

No one dares throw the first stone. Underwear, maybe, but not stone. Because as far as people are concern, TILVBY.

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Las Vegas
photo by: maka77