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Praha, Czech Preublic: 4/21/09

            “Up and at it boys and girls we have a train to catch.”

 I think Colin and Melinda now believe I am an early morning train Nazi. Well I wanted to make sure we got to Prague (from now on I will be calling it Praha) with plenty of time to do some walking around since this is Colin’s last day on the trip. We meet up with Angelica at the Krakow train station bright and early and we all jumped on the train to Praha. It is quite funny looking into the eyes of three people who would much rather be in bed than standing on a train track waiting for a train. I on the other hand am up and going ready for the next adventure. I don’t think I will ever get tired of traveling like this, as long as there are new places to explore and sights to see I am so ready for the adventure!

            Arriving in Praha we had a short walk to the hostel, but it was enough of a walk to work up a little bit of a sweat. Nice part of this trip is that there have not been any really hot days of lugging around a big pack on my back. The hostel we are staying at is a good one with a great location. We are in a 5 bed room but only the four of us are in it. Colin wanted to take a nap so he rested and Melinda and Angelica decided to go shopping. I knew I better tag along because if I went sightseeing I would have knocked the entire city out in the afternoon since I had seen most all of the major sights here in ’05. We all meet back up at the hostel and decided to go out for a nice dinner since it was the last night the four of us would be together. By luck we found a really good place just a block away from where we are staying. We had the outdoor garden located in the center of the building all to ourselves. All of us had such a fine meal that night and the service was excellent; very good way to have wrapped up the time for the four travelers. I wish I would have had more time with my bro, seems like he was over here for just a few days. Time sure goes by fast on these trips! After dinner we stopped by a bar to sit and have some drinks and chat. After awhile the smoke got to me so Melinda and I set off for the Charles Bridge to check it out at night. You will never guess what we saw when we got there; construction! The bridge is under renovation so once again we got to see some good scaffolding and fencing around a sight. Enough of the bridge was clear that Melinda got the feel for it but it was still a disappointment that so much of it was ripped up. I showed Melinda the statue where at the base if you rub the plaque legend has it you will return to Praha. Well I did it in ’05 and I am back, so I will see if I end up here again sometime in the future.

We got back to the bar and Angelica and Colin were still in there chatting away so we joined them for awhile before calling it a night.

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photo by: vulindlela