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Bucharest, Romania Day Two: 4/15/09

            It was very nice to sleep in today, no early morning train to catch.

On the list of things to do today is tour Parliament building. It is a very nice day out, nice enough to break out the shorts to wear. It is a nice walk down to the Parliament building, a lot of shops and the like along the way. However, there is not a SINGLE shop that sells the tourists fare of pins & patches; Melinda and I trying to find these items. I need a Romania patch for my pack!!

            We headed down to the Parliament building to take a tour of this monstrosity. The weather is great here today, breaking out the shorts to wear. So far this trip has had really good weather, not too hot and not too cold with just a little precipitation. We got to the grand boulevard that leads up to the Parliament building. The boulevard is built just a little larger than the Champs des Elysees in Paris on purpose. Looking down it we can see this massive structure. I felt like a x-wing pilot heading towards the Death Star. 70% of the nations GDP was used to build this egotistical structure. It is no wonder Ceausescu and his wife were hunted down after they attempted to flee the country in ’89 and shot.

After getting our tour tickets we had a little time to kill so we walked over to a park and relaxed in the shade. It was nice just chilling in the park and enjoying the beautiful weather; one of the simply things in life that it seems like I never do enough of back when I’m Salt Lake City. We got back and queued up for the tour; our tour guide was a very unenthusiastic lady who seems to get as much delight from her job as do Melinda and I from our jobs. I could not believe the scale of this place; it is MASSIVE!! So much marble was used; there must be a ton of it in this country! It was hard to comprehend the size of some of the rooms/halls that we saw in this place. Today some of the rooms and halls can be rented out for private functions. Towards the end of the trip we got to step out on to the balcony which looked straight down the grand boulevard; what a view! I believe this is the balcony that Ceausescu gave his final speech from before the revolution started; you can youtube it and watch him mid-speech get a very worried look on his face then flee the balcony, a revolution had begun and his days were numbered.

            After walking through such a crazy place we decided to go check out another novelty place; Club Dracula/Restaurant. The write up and pictures of this place online looked too good to not check it out. When we got there right at 16:00 when it was suppose to be open the doors were locked; after a half an hour of waiting around we walked to another park to relax some more. Sitting in a restaurant right on a small pond in the park is quite fun, especially when the park rents out rowboats and paddle boats to people. We ordered up a margarita pizza and some drinks and enjoyed watching people crash into one another hoping that sooner or later someone would fall in. After eating we walked the rest of the park and just enjoyed a quiet and relaxing evening in Bucharest.

            For dinner we ended up at a restaurant called La Mamma; I think it is basically a Bucharest ‘Olive Garden” chain restaurant, nothing too special. I did come to the conclusion that Americans are not the only one with bad child rearing skills as I watched a table of adults let their handful of kids run all around the place causing such a commotion.

            Tomorrow we have a very early morning since we are catching a flight to Timissora, Romania then one to Lviv, Ukraine. So one final good night from Romania, and next stop Ukraine. 

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photo by: tm16dana