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Lviv, Ukraine Day 2: 4/17/09

            Today we walked up to the Lychakivsky Cemetery, it is a huge old cemetery; Ivan Franko is buried here. We spent an hour or so walking through the graveyard taking pictures and just enjoying the day out. There were many graves for soldiers of both World Wars. The graveyard is very overgrown by the forest it is in, so it really made for some good pictures. Melinda and I both were thinking how cool of a backdrop this place would make for a film scene. Many of the graves have statues or busts of the person; which adds the eeriness of the place.

            It has started to rain here, so we are heading back to the hostel to take a nap and just relax until the weather moves on. I decided to get in touch with an online friend I have that lives here in Lviv. He is a fellow mountain biker that I meet on while I was researching the city of Lviv. We all meet up and he brought along his wife. They took us around their city then we all hiked up a hill for a great view of the city. It was a nice little hike up; the path spirals around the hill counterclockwise. We all talked the whole time and he told us about growing up in Ukraine and stories of his dad growing up here and how cool his dad was when he was younger especially when he was able to get some Levi jeans. It was fun listening to these stories. He says that during the days of communism people had money but they could not buy things, and these days’ people have access to items but not the money to buy these items. They took us to a very cool restaurant that recreates the fill of an underground hideout in the forest that the Ukrainian fighters used. We learned that during WWII these fighters fought both the Germans and Russians equally. To gain access to the restaurant one must pass the door guard. We have to say the secret password then drink a drink that would kill a Russian in disguise. After we did not die from the drink we headed down the stairs to the cellar where it looks like a dug out underground hideaway. There are cool guns around that we took pictures with and the plates are old military ones many like camping plates. The food we had was alright, but the main attraction was the atmosphere and the company. All three of us decided to get some t-shirts from this place. Melinda had a hard time making up her mind which one she wanted, so she ended up with half the supply of shirts. Our friends then walked around with us after dinner showing us some cool sights at night and helping us get some last minute items at the store; specifically Nutella! We said our goodbyes and called it a night. Melinda then noticed she could not find one of the patches in her many bags filled with shirts from the restaurant. I sent a text to my buddy and we meet up again and headed back to the restaurant to either find it or buy another one. Our buddy ended up buying another patch for Melinda. We headed back to crash for the night; tomorrow we are off to Krakow, Poland. I have heard horror stories on how long it can take to get across the border into Poland from Ukraine.

Funny side note....Melinda ended up finding the patch the next day.



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photo by: Biedjee