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Budapest Day Two: 4/10/09

            Melinda and I set off this morning to take in a “Free” walking tour Budapest . We arrived down at the square where all the tours leave from but the one we were waiting around for never showed up. We had two options left; either jump in on a bike tour or go the hop on and hop off bus tour of the city. The thing that sold us on the bus tour was that it also came with a free 45 minute cruise on the river. We jumped on the bus and lathered up with sunscreen; the bus had no roof and it was a warm and sunny day. These hop on and hop off bus tours are a good way to get some info a city and be able to jump off and explore an area without worrying about missing out on the rest of the tour. About an hour into the tour we had to change buses and the one we got on now had a roof but was twice as hot. Melinda and I jumped off the bus and decided to get us some cold water and something to eat before continuing on with the tour. By the time we found a public WC we were at the local Burger King, so we grabbed a frosty while we were there; tasted damn good on this now hot and sunny day.

Joining back up with the tour we now headed over to the Buda side. I did enjoy the audio guide part of the tour, was able to learn much more about this great city. On one part of the audio track it was talking about a “not so good” part of Budapest and some problems of the city and it’s past. I started to play with the language selection at this time and found it interesting that all the languages EXCEPT Hungarian were talking about this. I guess ignorance is bliss, or so they say. We completed the loop of the city and now were off to look for this famous statue in the big city park that I missed in ’06. I found the statue of “Anonymous” it is supposed to be the writer of the first Hungarian book. After snapping a few pictures we headed back to the metro. Along the way we passed a couple sitting down on a park bench with what looked like a scone with melted cheese on it. The new mission was to now find where they got those. We found where these yummy scone looking things were being made. They are called Langos, and wows are they good! We sat down and enjoyed a Langos before heading back to the hostel.

Colin made it to Budapest but was not in the hostel when we got there. Melinda and I hung out for a little bit to see if we could run into him. I headed down to the corner store and sure enough there was Colin walking back towards the hostel. It’s good to have my bro back over in Europe on another adventure with me! I introduced Colin to Melinda and the three of us headed down to the river to jump on the river cruise. The cruise along the river is very beautiful at night, everything is all lit up; I would highly recommend seeing the city from a boat at night. The audio tour part of the cruise was pretty much a joke and the three of us agreed that we would have rather just had silence or some calm music playing instead of the audio tour. Each time there was a break in the audio each one of us admitted to letting their eyes close. After the cruise we stopped at a nice restaurant for a good meal and caught up. Colin headed back to the hostel while Melinda and I went out for some night shots of Chain Bridge. After getting some good shots we rushed back to catch the last metro, but missed it. We were now in a rush to catch one of the last trams before those too shut down for the night. After sprinting across the street and leaping a guard rail in one single bound we were on a tram taking us to who knows where. I knew it was going in the right direction I was just not sure when to get off it. Eventually we got off the tram and began to walk with a group of people down a spooky abandoned alley in a very industrial looking section of the city. Melinda and I looked at one another and at the same time said; “Perfect location for a zombie movie!” We started talking about how we would film the scene and how it would play out. We got so into talking film we soon found ourselves back down by the river going the opposite way of which we set off for. I got us turned back around and we began the long walk back to the hostel; and finally crawling into bed well after 01:00 .


Tomorrow is a long day on the train to Sighisoara , Romania . Watch out Dracula, here we come!

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photo by: Chokk