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  Budapest Day One: 4/9/09

                        Today we are off to Budapest , Hungary ; yet another country for Melinda to add to her list (4 on this trip and counting). Colin and I visited Budapest back in the fall of ’06 and really enjoyed the city. Many call it the Paris of Eastern Europe.

The train ride was a nice one through some beautiful countryside. One can definitely tell when they are getting further away from what most Americans would call Europe . Little differences in the cities, houses, and the way people take care of their yards will tip one off that they are not in Western Europe anymore.

            Budapest has a few train stations which have only I seen from the outside. The one we arrived at I had never been to before. First thing we had to do was track down an ATM to get us some local money. After going over the station a few times we headed across the street to find a bank with an ATM. Melinda had a little trouble finding an ATM that liked her card; with money finally in hand we were off to find the metro that would take us to the tram we need to ride to the hostel. There is construction going on in front of the train station so neither of us could see the metro entrance. We finally decided to just walk the 3-4 blocks to the tram. Once on the tram I knew exactly how to get to the hostel. It was very surreal walking down the street to the hostel and up into the building. The hostel is located inside a larger building that houses several floors of apartments/flats with a central courtyard and doors that face out into the courtyard. It feels just like yesterday that I was here at this hostel with Colin. The hostel is a low key one, very much not a ‘party hostel.’ Each room has a different motif; ours has a very East Indian feel to it. If anyone ever tells me they are going to Budapest I highly recommend staying in this place.

            We relaxed for a little while before heading out to show Melinda around my favorite Eastern European city. Finding ourselves at a cool crepe restaurant I had to get myself a Nutella and banana crepe. I have never had that combination but it was very good! We headed up to the Budapest Castle that is perched up on the hill on the Buda side. I have only been up here in the night hours so it was very nice to see this view in the sunlight. One of the major attractions up on this hill was under renovation so once again Melinda got to see a sight with scaffolding surrounding it. This place is a prime spot for picture taking, especially at night when the city is all lit up. We hung out and watched the sun set on the city bellow before making our descent down to Chain Bridge and across the Danube . We were both wiped out by the time we reached the hostel, we had plans to head back up to take night pictures from the Buda side but decided to just relax and I would take her down to see ‘Heroes Square’ at night. This is another stunning monument in Budapest that takes on another life in the night, especially with a full moon hanging overhead. After taking a lot of night shots we jumped on the last metro and went hunting for some food. We found that most things open after 23:00 in Budapest are either really fancy restaurants or the American fast food chains. We were not dressed for the fancy places and neither of us wanted to stoop so low as to eat a meal at an American fast food joint while over in Europe ; one must save that for last. We jumped on a tram scouting for a local place that was still open. We finally found a local place and sat outside enjoying our late night meal.

            My cold/allergies or whatever this is had started to kick in. It has been a fun day of …cough, cough..hack..spit…sniff..sniff. Never fun traveling when sick but you have to make the best of the situation.  Tomorrow Colin arrives from the US and will be traveling with us until Prague . It has been since our last time in Budapest that I have traveled with my bro so I am looking forward to having him along for some of the adventure.


Jo estet (Good Night) from Budapest Hungary .

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