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Bucharest, Romania Day One: 4/14/09

            Today we set off for the capital of Romania , was not quite sure what to expect from this city. It has been said that since Prague has become too touristy people have moved on to Budapest and now they are starting to go to Bucharest to get that true taste of a large Eastern Europe city that has not yet been inundated by the tourists hoards.

Stepping off the train I felt little to no difference to any other larger Eastern European city, but as soon as I stepped out of the train station and started to try to find my way on the city streets; wow did I feel as if I was very far off the tourist beaten path. It took us awhile to find our way to the hostel, even with a map of the city in my guide book. The parking here is a nightmare, it is truly organized chaos! It is hard to walk down some streets because there are cars parked every which way they can on the sidewalk, and down the side streets some just park in the middle of the road. Traffic also seemed to be at a standstill on many of the side streets. I would not want to drive a nice car in this city!!

Finally after much walking around we found our hostel, right across the street from the French Embassy. It is an alright place and the three of us have a room to ourselves. The rain clouds have been hanging over us for most of the day so we are not in a big rush to get outside and tour the city. First thing first we need some water & food. Once again we find ourselves at a donner stand. The Romanian money is so weird; it feels as if it is printed on wax paper. Melinda and I walk around for a little while after lunch checking out the neighborhood and some shops. It is now starting to rain so we are going to crash at the hostel until dinner; plus the guards outside the French Embassy where starting to look at us quite quizzically after we had passed by there several times.

For dinner we walked over to the local grocery store and grabbed some food to make a few meat, cheese and Nutella sandwiches. Tomorrow we will tour the city and we plan to head down to check out the Parliament building which is the 2nd largest building in the world right behind The Pentagon.

            We are here in Bucharest 20 years after the revolution of 1989, I was kind of expecting something to be going on here to celebrate, or commemorate this event. Maybe they will on the actual date, but nothing is going on that we have seen.     

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