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Gouda. What a lovely, charming town. Mention this name to anyone and they will immediately think of the yummy cheese, mmmm one of my favourite Dutch cheeses, but this town has much more to offer. Gouda is also famous for it's candles, pipes and stoopwaffels (which unfortunately I did not sample, I seem to have developed some willpower from somewhere!)

The town is fairly simliar in layout to many other towns I have already visited or passed through in the south of Holland - wonderful architecture, many gorgeous churches (five here in total), fabulous canals running throughout the town centre. What I love most about this type of town is the fact that less than five minutes walk from the main shopping centre you are surrounded by nature. I wandered down a little side street, feeling like I was exploring new, unchartered territory as I barely saw anyone else on the streets, it's so wonderfully quiet to explore these area's during the week while eveyone else is a slave to the 9 - 5 routine!

You wouldn't think you were within a large town centre I can hear a pin drop.

I feel so relaxed and at peace here, gazing at the architecture around me, daydreaming about owning one of the lovely, little houses facing on to the picturesque canals and cobbled streets. I then stumbled upon a beautiful park where I enjoyed my al fresco picnic for one, my new state of inner peace and nirvana only interrupted by a rather large, group of Italian tourists being their loud, diva like, stereotypical selves! Then it was back to the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre, all the typical Dutch high street stores here and also many independant gift shops keen to relieve you of your Euro's. Oops I must have had a hole in my pocket, I came home with much less money than I anticipated :-)

This town will definately be featured later on in my blog, it definately deserves a sequel! I shall be a little more organised next time and order a tourists travel guide to ensure I see the many museums and monuments here.

15th century Town Hall
I have many photo's of the lovely churches but unsure as to which is which. No mistaking the magnificient, imposing building that is the Town Hall though in the markt square. Fabulously gothic building from the 15th century.

As usual I have come away feeling I only saw a small cross section of the town, maybe I should have spent less time shopping :-)


moshers_moll says:
Ooh yeah so I've heard. I will definately want to go back here at Christmas then :-) You should definately try and see more of Zuid-Holland when you get chance. There's so much to explore in your own country without needing to go jetting off to far-flung pastures. Although I'm sure thats fun too :-)
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
ik-ben-10eke says:
Oh, I should be ashamed of myself, never been to Gouda, but hey... I live in the northern Holland part of the country

I think it is with Christmas that they illuminate the central part or the marketsquare or something all by candles.
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
Larrys says:
What??? No pictures of cheese. You went to a town named after a cheese and did not take any pics of cheese. You should be ashamed...;)
Posted on: May 25, 2009
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15th century Town Hall
15th century Town Hall
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