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Lovely area to relax right outside the Central station

What an absolutely beautiful day, the weather is getting more and more gorgeous as each day passes! My other half Jaap booked the day off work today, we had already arranged in advance to meet a friend at the Brave Hendrik pub in the evening (see review below) so Jaap thought what the hell, while the weather is nice lets spend the whole day together.

The beautiful city of Den Haag is only a short train trip away from us, most places seem to be easily accessible via this marvellous public transportation system here! I really do feel spoilt, what a novelty, trains actually turning up on the minute!! What on earth...? All the Brits reading this now will appreciate this dig. I really do not miss the appalling, public transport in the UK what-so-ever.

The city was bustling today, the busiest I've ever seen it during the week, hmmmm a few 'sickies' being thrown today maybe? :-) Tourists and locals alike, spilling out of every cafe/bar. We didn't make it far from the Central station before parking ourselves on a bench to enjoy the sunshine. A couple of hours soon passed by before we stumbled upon the 't Goude Hooft and decided to stay here for lunch. (review below)  Not much shopping got done today but I didn't mind, was happy enough wandering around the outskirts of the city centre, enjoying the sunshine before chilling out in the pub for the night with a few, nice, cold beers :-D

johanhoogstad says:
en?? hoe bevalt het leven???
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
marksreynolds says:
Public Transportation in the UK can not be any worse than it is here in the States! It takes 30 minutes to drive to the nearest train from my house, then it takes at lease 45 minutes to get into D.C. on the train! I can drive to D.C. from my house in 45 minutes, and it cost less even with the price of gas! Crazy!!
Good to hear you are settling in to your new home. Good luck on your new life there :)
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
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Lovely area to relax right outside…
Lovely area to relax right outsid…
Cool car!
Cool car!
Hahaha thats a good one Jaap!
Hahaha that's a good one Jaap!
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