A wet 24 hours!

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So we got the boat over to Koh Phi Phi as we had heard how lovely it was and that it should be done. Hmmmm the weather was shockingly bad! We got off the boat in the puring rain and no one would help us unless we agreed to stay at their expensive hotels! So we eventually found a cheapish place - well cheap for the area just for one night. Ban Thai guesthouse was ok, a little rough around the edges but the staff were lovely!
We decided to go and have a look at the viewpoint of the two bays on the island but after 40 minutes of going up very steep hills there was no viewpoint in sight! Grr so we headed back down again for a bit of a wander.
PhiPhi was destroyed by the Tsunami but you cant tell now as its all been rebuilt. I found it a little unsettling being there as if nothing was wrong after all those people died not long ago. It also made me realise how vulnerable the location is. Its main area is a 300m wide strip of bays with sea on both sides which is all at sea level!
 We spent the late afternoon trekking around to another beach to meet a couple we met in Khao Sok. It was a slippery trek along the rocks and for some reason we had thought SangSom and soda was a good thing to take for refreshment!
  We arrived at their high end resort totally sweaty and dishevelled! The staff weren't sure what had hit them! We me Brad and Leah for a drink and then caught a longtail boat back round to our beach! Bugger walking back in the dark as the wind and waves were getting a bit wild! The trip back was interesting and very rough! We then had to make a big leap out of the boat to get onto dry land.
  We went to an italian that had been recommended and after finally finding it (do not trust thai maps or street signs) it threw it down so we had to leg it inside off the lovely beach setting.
  The italian was ok but its a bit like asking for steak in an Indian. Its edible but its just not right!
We headed to the Reggae bar and they have a thai boxing ring where if you are drunk enough they will give you more alcohol to fight another drunk person....or so we thought!
As the first fight began it was clear one guy had done quite a bit of Muay Thai as he broke the other guys nose in about 10 seconds! Not cool! Then as no one else seemed to want to get in the ring (!) they brought out two proper thai fighters and they kicked eachother lots and very hard!!! So Jay got to watch his thai boxing without having to pay stadium prices!
We headed to bed as we were a little tipsy and very tired! the bar had a band on after that we could here loud and clear in our room...well I could whilst Jamie snored in his drunken haze! They werent bad but seemed to like playing everything at least two times too fast!!
Tomorrow we will head back to Krabi as this place is a little too westernised and tacky for our liking! Oh and the weather sucks!
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