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Today was not a good day!!!!

First it started by us getting soaked after brekfast so we had to unpack and change and then pack wet clothes into our bags.

We had booked a minivan to the Cameron Highlands that was due to leave at 11.30am. Today in Penang was some sort of public holiday. Our guesthouse told us the only problem would be a bit of traffic in Penang and the bus might be half hour late. So our bus arrived at 12.35 and we didnt get fully underway until nearly 1pm! We picked more people up on the way including a family with two whinging children for the whole journey. Awsome! We were also crammed in at the back again.

So the bus was very full and late leaving. We arrived in Tanah Rata at 7pm instead of 3.30pm after being stuck in a huge traffic jam for 7km. However out driver didn't want to sit in the traffic so put his foot down and drove up the wrong side of the road around blind bends to get us further along the que!!! We were a little scared for our lives, especially at one point when we met a coach coming the other way and no one would let our driver back in! To be honest I wouldn't have let him in either, I hate it when people jump traffic ques!!! They took us to the guest house that the bus was from. They were full. So they tooke us to the next one, they were alos full. So was the next one and the next one and the next one!!! What our guesthouse had neglected to tell us was that on Public holidays EVERYONE goes to the Cameron Highlands!! Why they have public holidays on a saturday I do not know?!

So to cut a long story short we spen over an hour going to every hotel or guesthouse in town and they were all full! So at this point it was 8ish and getting dark and we had nowhere to sleep! Our options were sleep outside somewhere or get a bus somewhere else! What we didnt know at the time was that there were no buses at that time of night!

We had left our bags at the nicest hotel in town whilst we searched for a room and when we arrived back looking very sorry for ourselves the receptionist took pity on us. An hour ago they had no rooms but for some reason they now had a room. It was the cheapest in the place at 200RM that is 7 times what we would normally spend!!! But it was either that or sleep rough! She told us we may not like it as the bathroom was outside! We took it anyway.

So by bathroom outside she meant not connected to the room but three feet down the corridoor! It was still a private bathroom and had the best hot shower I have had since leaving England! Our bed was sooooo comfy and the pillows felt brand new and we had a tv and a balcony! The only reason that it wasn't already booked was because it was next to the service elevator and they kept all the spare beds outside our door. To get to our room we followed the numbers in the usual way 314, 312, 310 and then ours was 'Door to room 308'! Then further down was our actual door. We think the sort of people who stayed there wouldve minded that but we didnt care! It was better than sleeping in the bust station!

We had an awsome curry for tea and sat with an older aussie couple we had met on the bus earlier. They had some great stories to tell. We then spent the evening drinking Gin and Sprite whilst watching Indiana Jones!!! Living the part lifestyle people!!!

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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2