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So we arrived here in the village of the Dusun people and we had a great time. The people were very welcoming and out host Sopinnggi was so lovely. We stayed below the mountain and he has been a mountain guide for at least 20 years. he kept telling us 'Do not thing about the mountain! Yesterday is yesterday, today is today and tomorrow is another day!' Good advice but I think alot of still thought about the mountain alot - especially the next morning when we woke up and could see the top in all its glory! man it looked a long way up!
  The food that our hosts cooked for us was brilliant and then they brought out their homemade rice wine! Uhoh - it is not a good tasting drink and is very very strong! So the game was we were all poured 'two fingers' of rice wine that we had to down straight away and then tip up the cup - any drips and you had to have another! Thankfully I was drip free which was a relief as the stuff foes straight to your head and burns on the way down! It had a very yeasty flavour which was odd!
  A few of the guys there would be our guides for the mountain so we all got to know eachother and they downed rice wine like water and got progressively louder and louder whilst playing a very out of tune guitar!! It was a fun evening but I called it a night before I could get a hangover for the morning!
  This morning we headed to our hostel in Kinabalu national park where we would stay tonight and then depart to climb the mountain in the morning. It was a nice hostel set in lots of trees. My plan was to sleep and get my energy levels ready for tomorrow but our tour leader Andrew convinced me to walk one of the trails nearby whilst we were here. I liked my idea but thought I really should whilst in the national park!
  However it threw it down once I was too far from the hostel to make turing back worthwhile!! I had chosen one of the longer trails and made it even longer by getting lost in the first 50meters! I turned right but should have turned left and only realised a kilometer later! Ooops! Anyway I decided to try out my attractive pink poncho as it was too warm for a rain coat. Bad idea! Plastic doesn't breathe! Pretty quickly I was all condensationed up and sweating! The poncho looked like a big pink roll of clingfilm with me all bedraggled inside - it was not a good look and I didnt look very inconspicuous! Needless to say I didnt spot any wild life!!!
  An early dinner and an early night so we were ready for the mountain! Little did I know, one week of sleep may not have been enough!!

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photo by: mpope9