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We arrived in Phnom Penh yesterday afternoon. This place is probably the worst I have seen so far for rubbish. It is literally everywhere! It smells very bad. The city is very big and very hot and stuffy. Its the capital. Its not as nice at night as I didnt feel very safe out last night, even though i was with the group.
  We just chilled on arrival, our room was so nice! Really fancy, well the name of the guesthouse is Fancy Guesthouse! Its kind of down a back street and there is alot of roadworks going on. Last night we got locked out of our guesthouse! At 10pm!!! We had popped out to use the internet and when we got back everyone had shut up and gone to bed!! We managed to get back in though, thankfully as we were a bit scared of being out on our own at night!!
  Today we visited S-21 today, the genocide museum that used to be a high school. It was transformed into a prison when the Khmer Rouge took over. Victims were brought there to be interrogated because the Khmer Rouge thought they were against their regime. If they were found to be guilty or innocent no one ever left alive. They were forced to sign confessions that were fabricated in order to avoid further punishment and beatings and torture. There was barbed wire all over the place to prevent prisoners jumping off the balconies to commit suicide. The cells were tiny and the victims were shackled to the floor and weren't allowed to move at all.
  We then went to Choeung Eck which is the killing fields where thousands and thousands of people were taken from S-21 to be killed. The killings were face to face and the victims were just beaten over the head. They were then thrown in mass graves. As we went round it was so moving. There were pieces of the victims clothing still sticking out of the ground where they had been buried and also bones protruding from the ground. There was a large memorial stupa filled with thousands of skulls that were discovered. I couldn't help but crying. It was so tragic that they did that, even to their own people.
  Anyway on a lighter note we did a little shopping but it kind of put a bit of a dampner on the day.
Tomorrow we head to Vietnam and leave at 6am. So better go pack! If i can still get all my stuff in!!
saxylydz says:

So I finally figured out where to read your blogs! :)

Man, it sounds amazing what you've been up to and where you've been so far! I've really enjoyed reading your updates. I am so so so impressed that you not only ate but HELD a real live tarantula. Oh my word- the thought alone makes me feel faint. In fact I just had to spell check the word on google and I had to read it through squinted eyes as the pics that came up alongside were hideous. So WELL DONE!!!!!!

Anyway, look forward to seeing piccys and reading more updates. Things over here are ok. Not anywhere near as exciting as over there. It is £110 million on the Euro Millions tonight so I had a go- in the hope that My numbers come up and I can fly out and join in on the fun!!! I like the sounds of the beach party! but i dont think even £110 million would see me eat a tarantula!!!!

Keep safe chuck, and glad your having a fantastic time.

Lots of love and hugs Lydia x
Posted on: May 08, 2009
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Phnom Penh
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