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So Vang Vieng is about 4 hours from the capital and it has made me love the place even more! It is a little town set in the middle of all these big pretty limestone and jungle mountains. The clouds hang low and sit around the mountains. The weather is interchangable to say the least. One minute it is torrential the next you need your factor 30!! The locals are quiet and friendly and the town itself is quiet - there is even a sign that bans the use of horns Hallelujah!!
The only downside is it revolves quite alot around the tourism the 'Tubing' creates. Tubing is floating down the Nam Song river in a bit innertube and stopping off at the bars on the banks along the way. At the minute it is the main thing people come here for, for some it is the only thing and it sometimes feels like the town is in danger of being swallowed by some pretentious young gappers who are only traveeling to get drunk. Obviously not everyone is like that but thats the impression you sometimes get.
However we have done our best to behave, we headed out on bicycles today to explore some of the caves. It was a bit of a disaster as it was torrential rain and we were soaked to the skin in minutes and we couldn't find the caves, after going ages down a track that was so rocky we had to get off and push our bikes!! In the end we gave up and headed back for lunch.
The bars here are very traveller orientated which is good most of the time i guess. They have tables set around mattresses so you can lay out and watch the endless friends episodes that they show all day its awsome!!
So we have been tubing aswell but made sure we had our shoulders and knees covered to respect the locals!! We started with our first shot at 10.45am and it went downhill from there!! I nearly broke my self on a swing from a 10meter platform when i landed - i wasn't even drunk at that point i hasten to add!! We floated along to various bars getting steadily more drunk on the copious amounts of alcohol they put in the bucket drinks (which yes are sandcastle buckets) We started a mass mud fight in the last bar and were completely covered from head to toe! Our bathroom floor looks terrible now after the three washes it took to get all the mud out my hair!! It was a fantastic day though and i even managed not to get sunburnt! bonus. but the aftermath today was not so good, i dont think i am cut out for 12 hour sessions!!
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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome