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So after 8 hours on a bus made it to Siem Reap.

The border crossing was interesting, people hurrying all over the place. Traffic everywhere as usual. My thai visa has continued to confuse people - I am never being organised again!

Siem Reap is the town built around the Angkor Wat temple complex. It is tiny compared to Bangkok. It is quite a poor area. People live in semi finished or semi permanent houses and huts. The roads have no drainage and many are incomplete with large holes or sections just dirt track. One downpour yesterday reduced some roads to massive pools! Our guesthouse is clean and comfy. The toilet seat is missing half of it but its fine. The beds are really big compared to british ones and very comfy. The food is good and cheap. Four of us ate some Khmer food for lunch with drinks and it came to a total of $9!

last night we stayed out for drinks and chatted and played pool. This was after a very long day at Angkor Wat. It was amazing to see the temples and hear about the history. Everything was so orately carved and even after thousands of years just looking incredible. Have got loads of pictures so will try and upload at some point. We visited Preah Khan, Tha Prom, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Our guide was brilliant and extremely knowledgable and I am glad we chose to have a guide, without one it wouldn't have been the same. Climbed to the top of a temple to have a look round which would have given the health and safety nuts a coronary in England! We visited Tha Prom which is the ruined jungle temple where they filmed part of tomb raider. The trees are phenomenal and me being a lover of old ruined things, I was in my element! Only downside was the heat, it was at least 33degrees with extremely high humidity and no breeze so began to get tired very quickly! There was however a massive thunderstorm whilst we were in the main temple. It was awsome being able to watch that from the biggest temple. Very atmospheric!

Today we are visiting Tonle Sap which is a village on  a lake so looking forward to that. Tomorrow we are heading onwards to Kampong Cham so I will have to read up on that.

Oh also visited a night market and Laura have found you a present you will love already!

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Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling