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So we arrived with high hopes for the beaches of Koh Samui. At some point, maybe ten years ago this place was heaven. Now the main area is like Khao San road by the beach. The main beach is Chaweng Beach and you can see how lovely it used to be. Now it is overrun by high end resorts that would be more at home in Spain that in Thailand. The culture and tranquility has pretty much been erased. The main strip of road behind the beach is hideous. It is so crammed with bars and fast food (Maccys, BK, Pizza Hut nooooooooo) that you could be in any seedy resort anywhere. The thais who live there still live very modestly and the contrast between their lives and the two week packages holiday makers is shameful. Thai food was often last on the menu and the accomodation was sooo overpriced.

We were both really really disappointed and avoided this area at all costs.

Our first nights accomodation was at the far end of Chaweng beach. far enough away that hardly anyone ever ventured that far from their resort. It was a little bungalow on the ebach with the most incredible view. The best one out of all they had to offer. We thought we were doing pretty well for 1000Baht as alot of the other places started at 2000 for a basic room with no view! However it was too good to be true! Jamie managed one shower before we had no more water. Nothing! They had said that the hot water wasn't working but we didn't mind cold showers. What we did mind however was no showers!! That also included no water to flush the toilet! Lovely!

So we checked out sharpish the next morning and only paid 800. We arrived at the Papillion resort which was lovely. Maybe not as modern and fancy as some of the others but lovely room, pool, a/c and RUNNING WATER!!!!

We met some lovely irish girls and had drinks with them a few times. On our last night we headed to the beach for a nice meal. The resturant they had set out on the sand was lovely but it took over an hour for our less than average food to come! Not impressed as service in Asia is never that bad.

The only plus was our island tour that we went on. The first part however was not good. It consisted of an elephant and monkey show where they had taught these poor baby elephants to do tricks. They could stand up on just back or front legs and play football etc. I hated it and felt such a hypocrite for even being there but it was part of the day and we couldn't get out of it. There were alot of package tourists there. They all found it very entertaining and funny which I found strange and annoying. How can pointless tricks from wild animals that should be in the wild or at least a reserve or something be entertaining?

Anyway, we had a stop at a waterfall for a swim which Jay loved as he could bomb and flip off the rocks! We then went on a 4x4 safari in the mountains which was so much fun!! We got to sit on the roof of the jeep and we went along roads that looked pretty impassable! That seemed no problem for the guy driving though as he just put his foot down and went! It was very bumpy and involved ducking alot for low branches but so much fun!!


So we booked out tickets out as we were sadly dispointed with this so called paradise island. Not to mention a disastorous snorkel trip where it was too sharp to snorkel!! Tomorrow is onwards to Khao Sok National Park...............

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Koh Samui
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