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So judging by not being able to find anything to do yesterday I got up really early to go and do the historical old city business and then I could catch a morning bus outta here!

I rode a songetaew bus type thing to the park entrance. For those that dont know these are like a converted pickup bus thing with two rows of seats. It was so early I had it to myself not bad for 20 Baht! I rented a bicycle at the entrance which turned out to be a good move as the place was bigger than expected! The temples and ruins were pretty interesting, nothing as spectacular as some I have seen but then provided me with some good photos. There was just myself and one other visitor there when I arrived so it was brilliant to cycle around in the peace and quiet with no one around and before it got to hot!

At about 8.30am the other tourists started to arrive, there was a minivan load of camera toting, socks and sandal wearing europeans and yanks. In themselves they weren't that interesting, but the attention they attracted was hilarious! Being a loner and oviously not as lucrative as this bus load I was left alone and could watch the scene unfold from afar.

So it started witht them getting off the bus, all of a sudden the peace was breached by 5 or 6 local souvenir hawkers on mopeds as they sprung into action! I have seen so many souvenir hawkers but this is the first time they have been equipped with bikes!! So as the tourists walked along to the first temple the group of hawkers hemmed them in like collies around sheep, just waiting for the right moment. Then they stopped for their guide to talk about the temple and it was all systems go for the sellers! They sprang off their bikes, grabbed their baskets of tat and pounced on the helpless group!! The only thing that would have made it more amusing would have been a commentry from David Attenborough...........'and now we see the efficient speedy hawker ready to pounce on its unsuspecting tourist prey.....

So after th excitement I headed back to the guesthouse to check out and head for the bus. There were some very friendly people at the bus station! One gentleman was proud to tell me he knew who Gordon Brown was! My journey there was intersting, i rode on a what can only be described as a cart strapped to the front of a motor bike!!

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photo by: DragonFlies