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So we are now making the long journey to the Thai border. Thankfully we are doing by a boat rather than spending two days on a minibus!!! The boat is like a really big narrow boat so you can get up and walk around. The scenery is gorgeous! All mountains along the river bank and loads of jungle. We even saw a wild elephant on the bank standing there munching away! It made my day it was awsome!

We spent time chilling out, sleeping, reading and playing cards. We played an equivalent of Spoons with ramboutin fruits which was fun! Basically you line up the fruits down the centre of where you play, but have one less fruit than players. When you get the desired hand you grab a fruit and whoever doesn't have one loses! The punishment was charcoal across the face ( we had no alcohol!). The evidence will be on face book soon and yes, I lost! So if you are wondering what Ramboutins look like well, they are the coolest looking fruit. They are a version of lychees. But bigger and on the rough skin it is covered in bright green hair! they look like little aliens!

So we arrived at our overnight stopover which is Pakbeng. It is a tiny one street town with no mains electricity! All power is provided by generators which switch off at 10.30pm! So we were sitting quietly chatting in a bar and off went all the lights! It was quite amusing. This meant no aircon or fans or lights overnight. Me and Kat spent the first half hour with a torch trying to see what lizard or animal was hiding in our room making a lot of noise! It was then a sweaty sleepless night until we headed off again in the morning.

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photo by: borneonikieta