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Arrived in Kampong Cham today, a small town set on the Mekong River.
Got all freshened up and headed out with Long our guide to the home of one of his friends. They cooked us a traditional Khmer meal which was so nice! Lots of pork, chicken, veg in all kinds of sauces. Very good, all home made by the gentlemans wife. They also had a toddler running around who was so cute! He had beautiful eyes. He was playing in a hammock and kept spinning around and falling out!
Then thry brought out a desert of fried tarantula! Argh, I have the hugest fear of spiders! One can reduce me to tears normally! I was so brave though and after a few minutes of will i wont i? I grabbed a leg and chowed down! There wasnt really much taste to it, just kinda salty. The texture is a bit like crispy shredded beef - not something i will have again but i did it!!
  Then they brought out a bucket with two huge live ones in it! I nearly ran out of the door! But didnt want to be rude to the hosts! I edged my way over and then was like sod it put it on my hand! I had my eyes closed and arm as far out as possible! Managed about 5 seconds before had to have it taken off then I had to sit down because I was all of a dither!
 Later that afternoon we headed out on bicycles to an island on the river. We had to cross a bamboo bridge. It was something out of Indiana Jones! To us it felt very rickety but Long assured us you could take a car over it! I'll take his word on that.
  We cycled through the little village on the island and visited the local school. It was only partly finished but the children were working really hard. We then tried some fresh chili's off the plant which were hot but soo sweet and good.
  We then headed to the monastary where the children are taught english. We helped them with their reading. It was an amazing experience, even for someone who is useless with children and not that keen on them at home! The younger ones were so adorable and so beautiful. The older ones were more cheeky and were trying to get us to teach them rude english words!
  There wasn't an awful lot to do in the town so we had an early night as we had a public bus to catch early in the morning.
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Kampong Cham
photo by: droonsta