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So I just spent half an hour writing this entry and the computer didnt put it on! Argh! Oh well got some time to waste so will try again.

The bus from Sukhothai was boring and long and punctuated by 'Snoring Man'. He snored so loud for the whole seven hours and didn't wake up once! Thankfully th gestures for 'Whats with this guy' translate to Thai so we all had a giggle at him!The bus dumped me at a highway junction 10k outside the city, thanks for that, so my only option to get in was a moto taxi. Now, I dont like mopeds and I certainely dont like being on the back of them! However I had no choice! So me and my 15kg bag still on back back got on behind the driver. I didnt get a helmet either! I was hanging on for dear life but at the same time tryng not to get too up close and personal with the driver! So I made it into town in one piece but am not in a hurry to do it again!

I am on a money saving kick for a while so i got a single room for 100 Baht per night - which is 1.77pounds! Now I know why it was so cheap! I am six inches short of being able to touch both walls widthways with my arms out. The length is enough for a ed and my bag at the end! The bed looks like a 1940's hospital reject and isn't much comfier than the last! But...the shets are clean and th door locks so I am happy. I am slightly concerned about where my standards have gone though! The walls are as thick as cardboard and about as strong and are covered in stains of unknown origin!

So today involved more cycling round temples early in the morning before it got too hot. Good move on my part as it got REALLY hot! The temples were nice and interesting but again not spectacular. They gave me more good photos though so was worth it. For lunch i stopped at a Thai street kitchen. I had beef noodle soup whilst sitting with a lovely older thai couple. Via various gestures and smiles they were very friendly and my meal cost 12 baht - 20p!

I spent some time sitting in the shade of a temple reading my current book - 'Seven Years in Tibet' which is very good. I then got lost on the way home and nearly ended up with heatstroke fr my troubles! I knew my sense of direction was bad but I just seemed to be doing endless laps around random streets and got sunburnt! It was apparently 34 degrees according to MSN weather but they also said it would actually feel like 42!!!!!!! I can agree it was soo hot!

When I got back eventually - my room was doing a good imitation of a sauna so i headed out to find a cafe with some aircon! Met a girl called Maria and we are travelling down to bangkok together tomorrow. So will be ace to have some one to chat too!

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photo by: the_bloodsucker