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OK so after two days of travelling on a little bus we have made it to one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. Laos is like a mixture of the best parts of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Big limestone mountains, loads of lush foliage, low clouds, nice people, rural villages and cheaper for many things!!
It is truly stunning and has taken my breath away. The people here are so friendly and seem alot less like they just want your money - although some still do drive a hard bargain.
So Vientiane is the capital but if i didnt know that it would take some convincing!! Its sooooo quiet compared to all the other cities. No incessant horn honking and alot less traffic. The weather here is more rainy season though as it has chucked it down quite alot! Doesn't matter though as its not cold rain and its proper rain, not the english drizzle rubbish!!
We have had a bit of a wander around the oldest temple which is full with about 10,000 buddha statues. When i come back to england i again going to be buddhist (!) it seems like such a relaxing way of life.
So the food is good, had my first Laos meal which was called Laap - it is minced beef with mint, coriander, lime, chilli and sticky rice that you ball together with it and eat with your fingers. I have become very good with my tolerance of chilli so i thought i would add a it out of the side bowl of chilli  i had been given. Most have just a nice sweet garlicky kick but this one oh no!! I dunked my rice ball in as normal and ate it and then nearly chocked to death as it was THE spiciest thing ever. Even Soon our leader couldn't belive i did it!! oops.
Red curries and Green curries are amazing and so full of flavour.
Our new group is nice, laid back and easy going which is like Laos really!
Moving on swiftly to Vang Vieng
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photo by: skydiver