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So we have spent two nights here in the Kinabatangan river area. We stayed here with MESCOT which runs a sustainable and ecologically friendly tourism program.
  The first afternoon we took a boat down the river to our jungle camp where we would sleep for the first night. On arrival we had to put our hammocks up between a couple of trees. This was properly outside in the rain forest and it was awsome! We had a mosquito net and a tarpaulin over us just in case it rained but we were very lucky with the weather! After getting set up we took the boat down the river for an hour or two before sunset to see if we could spot some wildlife.
  We managed to see a crocodile sunning himself on a bank, loads of cheeky macaque monkeys. They are generally everywhere but it was cool to see them in their own environment instead of stealing someones camera! We also managed to see some wild Proboscis monkeys - they are only found in Sabah so that was cool. They are really funny looking - they are gingery and have great big noses and stomachs!
  We also saw a couple of eagles in the distance and spotted a few horn bills which were huge and stunning!
  Back at the camp after dinner we did a bit of a night walk into the jungle which was good. There were 13 of us so a bit too many really to see anything much. We saw some small snakes, some cute frogs and a centipede that could apparently kills us! Nice.
  I slept better in the hammock than I thought I would really! It was very hot and stuffy in them to start with so I kept having to stick my head out for air but once it cooled down it was quite comfy. The sounds of the jungle were very loud but really cool to listen to! We didn't have any unwanted visitors in the night thankfully! That was a brilliant experience!
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photo by: mpope9