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So we have arrived in Hue, its not a patch on Hoi An!! We are staying in a hotel on the edge of a very busy cross roads and they all still love the horns out here!!

We are quite a walk from the town centre and from what we have seen not much back packer scene going on. Unless we have missed it! There doesn't seem to be that much to do here except the package trip to the tombs and the river that everyone and his goldfish has been trying to sell us. Me and Kat have decided to try and find a boat to just take us up the river for a bit just to relax. We have seen alot of pagodas and things recently! Finding one without all the extras was easier said than done! The people at the boat station spoke very little english unfortunately for us. We asked about just a trip up the river and the only thing we were told was 'One Hour' we asked ' one hour for what?' "One Hour!" , "but what does that include?" "One Hour!!" so it went on like that until we gave up! Eventually our guide sorted us out with a dragon boat for seven of us to have a jaunt up the river. For just over a $1 each the boat was huge. It was a vietnamese house boat so basically it looked like someone had just put their front room and kitchen on the water and attatched an engine, was quite strange.

We also attempted to eat at some of the local stalls that we had been doing all along but nobody understood 'vegetarian' for Kat so we sheepishly had to give up!

The only other interesting thing, well stressful thing was an ATM swallowing my card and not returning it when I was getting cash half an hour before we were due to catch the overnight train to Hanoi! So after racing over to the bank they sta us down for 20minutes to then tell us we were in the wrong bank!! Stressed to the max we raced to the train station, minus my bank card and any money. Luckily the train was delayed so our guide went to retrieve the card. I thought something like that would take days but within 15minutes he was back with my card hurray!!

We took the night train to Hanoi and arrived at the silly hour of 4.30am!!

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photo by: Paulovic