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Checked out the butterfly farm today which was pretty cool, some really big ones with lovely colours and markings. Totally pissed all other Englands ones! There was alos an open tank full of scorpions. All it had was a little sign saying 'Please do not touch!' Ok, I'll try not to handle the scorpions. ALso included lots of bugs and lizards and yet again more spiders! Thankfully they were in sealed tanks or I would've been outta there. I tried to be brave and go and have a look but only managed to get to about 4feet away! They were bloody huge though! Dinner plate sized! Dont fancy meeting one of thoise down a dark alley! I wonder what kind of situation I would have to be in to actually meet one in a dark alley??? hmmmm.....

So our second stop was the Penang Toy Museum. It says its the largest one in the world and to be fair it had a lot of toys there so maybe it was. Jamie could barely contain his excitement and spent most of the time dragging me backwards and forwards goin 'woah remember that.......look at that...ahh wrestling......ahh Star wars etc etc etc. I didn't mind, alot of the toys were from when we were growing up so it was quite interesting to see them! There were so lifesize figures of various people. They had a load of disney stuff and well too much to mention really!


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photo by: Aurora78