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Hurrah!!!! Jamie is here and it was so amazing to see him after so long, I missed him so much!

Ok so I may or may not have been at the airport nearly three hours early but I was going mad clockwatching at the hotel! So when he arrived Jay had been awake for about 36hours! We decided to just get a quick drink and have some food before he could catch up on his sleep.

However four or five buckets, two swedish people and one guitar later we stumbled in at about 1am in a bit of a mess!! Those buckets are lethal and we have a taste for the Thai tipple of Sangsom! We spent the evening consuming many buckets with some new friends and the bar next door had some people doing a set with a singer and a guitar. Jamie true to form got in on the act and sung a few songs! He was soon ushered off by the manager but we think it was only due to the fact he was better than the guy they were paying!

The next morning we surfaced at 9am still quite drunk, we were meant to check out but couldn't face it so just payed for another night instead and went back to sleep. We got up around 2pm for lunch. We headed to the cultural mecca of Burger King, yes we are ashamed to say Jamies firsat proper meal in Thailand was a Burger King. It however helped with the hangover, althoug we went back to bed straight after and didnt resurface from our hangover until the next day.

The next day it was time to do something so we headed to the Chatuchack weekend market. It was HUUUGE!! I'm talking thousands of stalls, selling everything you could think of! I got a couple of cool vest tops and a really awsome guitar shaped bracelet. It was really really hot so after a while we had to admit defeat. It was too hot to choose anything in the massive depths of that market! We did however have some awsome sushi for not a lot of money!

Lets see, the following day was our day of culture. We headed to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The dress code at the grand palace is really strict. The night before we had got Jamie some long smarter shorts but once we got there these still werent long enough. Basically trousers were all that were acceptable! This appears to happen alot as they have a store of clothes you can borrow. Jamie reappeared looking less than happy in a pair of trousers that pretty much made him look like a deep sea fisherman! I found it hilarious, for some reason he did not and all his photos of that day are from the waist up!

The Grand Palace is truly the most decorated temple so far! It was covered in multicoloured mirror tiles and they looked amazing. We visited the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which is actually made of jade and is smaller than I expected but it is one of the most revered images in Thailand. We headed down to Wat Pho after ignoring the tout on the corner who told us it was closed (do we look like we were born yesterday?!) and went in to see the Reclining Buddha which was alos pretty amazing and big.

So our final day before we headed to Koh Tao ws spent in Kanchanaburi visiting the site of the Bridge over the River Kwai. We spent the night there in a place called the Jolly Frog which was by the river and really nice. It also helped that an aircon double room was less than 300 Baht! We had a pretty bad start to the day as we decided it would be fun to get the train there. There is only one train per day and it was at 7.45am We left with loads of time to get there and picked up a taxi. After some mispronounciation on our part we confirmed witht the use of the map which station we needed to go to. So in Monday morning Bangkok rush hour our taxi driver took us to the wrong station, a 6km journey which should have been 1km and ten minutes. He made out he had missed heard hmmmm how does Thonburi and Hua Lumphong sound anything like eachother! Needless to say we missed our train. We got out of the taxi on a roundabout that by some coincidence had a stand with mini busses going to Kanchanaburi. Problem solved. We went and got our history lesson at the Thailand-Burma railway museum which was a real eye opener and also visited the Allied War Cemetry. We then decided to walk to the bridge which on the map looked to be round the corner. It wasn't! We got there eventually, very hot and sweaty though! The bridge was good but it was very good we went and learnt about it first or it would have just been a bridge really!

We headed back to bangkok the next day as we were getting the bus and boat to Koh Tao! Hurrah.

Conclusion - we are not big fans of bangkok! Reasons:

Tuk Tuk???  No thanks' Tuk Tuk?? No thanks Tuk Tuk? No thanks Tuk Tuk?? NO!!!

Tuk Tuk? I take you on tour or anywhere 10baht. 'Ok we want to go to Kho San Road' Nooo, 100Baht! Eh?!?!

Ping Pong show sir?

(terrible cockney accent) Alroight mate, i make a suit for you, you come look anything you want! (and they dont give up!)

Khoa San road - shithole with bad Phad Thai and half naked westerners.

Sleazy western men with Thai girls half their age.

The smell!

Ok rant over!

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photo by: rintjez