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So yes, we are the masters of queing! However the people we met today are not!

We visited the Kek Lok Si temple which was up alot of stairs. It was a bit like running the gauntlet up these stairs as many had been taken over by overenthusiastic tshirt and tat sellers! "NO we do not want a tshirt, nor a glass figurine, nor a rubber spider.....thankyou'

The temple was pretty cool, very chinese style. To be honest I prefer the Thai style ones but it was still interesting. At the very top is a HUUUGE bronze staute of a holy figure that is being renovated and having a big pagoda built around it. They were charging 30RM to buy a roof tile to help with the renovation and you could write your name on it so we did that. Team Piper now has its own tile on the roof of a temple in Malaysia!

We headed upto the top of Penang Hill which is 800m above the city for sunset. It had been a lovely clear day all day until sunset. All of a sudden any view of sunset was blocked by huge great clouds! Lovely!

Getting up the hill was an adventure.... this is where our queing skills were put to the test! We had to que in this holding area for the cable car up and the ticket guys just sold tickets to anyone who rocked up so there were more people than spaces! When it got to just before the car arrived people started getting could see some wanting to make a break for the front! When it was time to get on people from the back just pushed all the way through! They then took up as much space as possible in the carriages! Noone knows the meaning of queing or scooching up to make room!!

  But even though we couldn't see much of a sunset it was still a brilliant view of the city so it was worth doing, the air was also really fresh and cool which was a nice change from the stuffy city air!

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photo by: Aurora78