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So Jamie left last night for his flight home. Very very sad about that! Neither of us wanted yesterday to happen but it has and now I'm back to being just me. Not for long though. I fly to Borneo (Sabah) tomorrow morning to start a 12 day Intrepid trip around the area so looking forward to that.

Had a lie in this morning and have just pottered about today, not done anything really travelly but just got sorted for my departure tomorrow.

May have indulged in a BaskinRobbins sundae for breakfast/lunch! I was feeling down and missing my Wilson...sue me! It was good though.

Had a really late lunch and was very happy to find somewhere that does Thai SomTam (spicy papaya salad). When I ordered she asked me if I wanted 'Spicy or no spicy?' To her surprise it seemed, I asked for spicy. Then she asked 'medium spicy or lot spicy?'

I went for the medium and told her I liked Spicy. It arrived with a comment from the waitress of 'Very spicy, very spicy' Great. Not wanting to look like a silly tourist I ate the whole thing without so much as a grimace. It was a good SomTam but hell was it spicy!! It got to the point where my tongue went numb and I got a little dizzy! But I soldiered on and made it to the end! I then headed for a fast drink and something bland to chill my mouth out!!

One observation I have repeatedly made but more so this morning is the male spitting thing. What is with the excessive hawking up of phlegm and spitting it wherever and whenever???? Especially in the mornings??!!! It is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard or seen and it seems totally acceptable. I haven't seen women doing this, just the men. It also seems if they cant spit it out thy just keep making the noise!! What is that?? At 7am this morning the noises from the shared bathroom were so bad I had to put my Ipod on!!! Ewwwwwwwwwww

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