Another city where you take your life in your hands when crossing the road!!

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So, onto Vietnam. The border crossing was fairly uneventful.

We spent a couple of days in HoChiMinh seeing the sights and drinking the drinks!! We visited the War Remnants museum to learn about the Vietnam war. That was quite hard going, the Americans did some pretty messed up stuff. I wont go into detail as its too depressing. We got Cyclos there which was fun. A cyclo is like a seat attatched to the front of a bicycle and a man peddles from behind. A nice way to get around but a bit hair raising at junctions and rush hour as you have no protection from the intense traffic at all!!!

Speaking of the traffic so far HoChiMinh has been the busiest for moped, there are thousands here!! To cross the road is something you have to perfect - quickley!! The general rule is cross by walking at a steady speed even though the flow of traffic is oncoming!! They will avoid you or you weave around things. Under no circumstance do you be indecisive or run!!! it goes against all natural survival instincts but I feel a little proud now I have got the hang of it!!

Whilst near HoChIMinh we visited the Mekong Delta and stayed the night in the jungley area. Our beds were mostly outside with mosquito nets. Our dining area was on decking at the riverside. It was so relaxing as we spent the evening in hammocks over the water listening to the wildlife. A local band came to play some music - we were all looking forward to it but were sorely disappointed!! They sounded a bit like they had just been picked off the street, given instruments and told to play their favourite song!! It was reminiscent of my one attempt at the violin.

We also visited the CuChi Tunnels where the vietcong army fought the americans. We went down into one of the original tunnels which was tiny! It was a squeeze lowering my shoulders in! Then we crawled 40m or so in the total pitch black being unable to stand or move our arms away from the side. The air was so stale and hot, it was very suffocating. We also went in one of the tunnels that had been widened for westerners, but even that was still small.

Next stop Nha Trang

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