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So today we spent the day in Poring where they have hot springs for you to rest your muscles! Thats a good idea in theory! However the springs have passed their best really. The place isn't that well maintained. You choose a bath and set the taps going to fill it up. After an hour we could soak upto our ankles so we gave up on that! It was a bit dissappointing as we had been looking forward to them for ages!
Instead after a 13 hour sleep I took a walk to the butterfly garden. It was k but hardly any butterflies compared to some of the others I've been to. I then thought I would check out the canopy walkway. However after paying the entrance fee I found that I needed to walk up 600m of gradual steps!! Nooooo! It took me ages to get up there! The walkway was a bit rickety too! It was a series of ladder strapped together with wood over the top and netting which sisn't feel overly safe!
  A highlight today was getting to see a Raffelesia flower that was in bloom nearby. That was very lucky as they take 9months to grow before they bloom and then only bloom for a week. It is the worlds biggest flower and was pretty cool looking.
  Also at Poring the park has a resident orangutan called Jackie. She is a little brain damaged after a fall from a tree but was very sweet. However some of the other tourists seemed to forget she was a wild animal and got a bit too in her personal space in my opinion, almost treating her like some sort of dog in a zoo.
  Our guesthouse was not the best at serving food! We had to order in advance as the kitchen was quite small. I dont have a problem with the way people dont always get their meals together - thats fine as long as its withing reason but I do object to not getting the components of my food at the same time! I had my lemon chicken sitting for 25 minutes before I got my rice! After repeatedly asking it arrived!
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photo by: mpope9