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Arrived in Sihanoukville on the 4th. Is a newer town than the others we have visited. It is on the coast so we have spent a bit of time on the beach although not too much for me as it is very touristy! The main beach is lined with beach bars and restaurants. Some of them serve nice food and the drinks are ridiculously cheap and very strong! But all in all its my least favourite place so far. There are alot of children and people begging or trying to sell various things which gets to be a bit of a pain.
  I feel bad not giving these homeless or disadvantaged people any money to help but my dollar isn't going to make any difference and will only encourage it to continue!
  It rained mostle all the time on the first day so was more of a chill out day. Yesterday we visited some of the islands by a local boat. The weather was grey to start with but then it cleared and became very hot! To the point where I burnt in lots of places even though I was slapping on the cream at every opportunity!
  We had lunch on a deserted island beach which was lovely. The crew cooked us a lovely meal of barbecue skewers and rice. It was really good. We had a mess around in the sea, it was so warm.
  The previous night we went out for drinks and food, I was tired and kinda ready to head to bed about 11pm but ended up hanging around. I'm glad I did! Kat persuaded me to dance at a beach party so we had a good boogie, it then started to rain but we just carried on in this great tropical rain. Afterwards we all went running into the sea fully clothed. It was still warm and so much fun! How many people have done that.
A couple of days ago we did a homestay in a local village. We stayed in a local house up on stilts for the rainy season. There was no elecrticity or running water, excpet from a well. We all slept in the same room on mattresses on the floor. Quite warm but good. The local children followed us all around and played it was so much fun. They were skipping with a rop made of elastic bands but it wasn't long enough so they hd to move it from side to side instead and jump over it. But they were having so much fun!
  Not really done much today, went to an indoor market that was very big and cramped and very sweaty! I didnt last long and had to get a tuktuk back - think I'm still feeling the effects of too much sun yesterday! Also got totally eaten alive by sandflies or something. The count last night was 75 all on my legs!! oh dear.
Heading to Pnom Penh tomorrow for a couple of days then onto Vietnam!
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