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One of my favorite holiday ever, I would like to share the experience of a wild great adventure i had in visiting the place of my mom's birthplace.  
From Manila , it took us total travel of 6hrs drive and 2hrs crossing the sea to get us to the island. The sea was invitingly blue on the right side of the boat with fishes jumping as if teasing us to catch them and greenly clear on left side that allowing us to see the bottom of it with colorful corals and dancing sea weeds. Getting closer to destination, breathtaking green mountains with different sizes and a waterfall directly falling to the sea, waves are humping on rocks, little caves and brown sand beach then as we enter the grand entrance of the island in a huge river in between 2 towns with a hanging bridge connecting them. The towns had finger countable little houses made of wood and nipa hut roof.  WOW! Is all you can hear from me as so far I am amazed of what I see..
SO, as our boat finally stops.. I thought that that's it but I was wrong coz we still have walked a mile and cross the river and pass by few more houses. Whew! My aunts welcome us with fresh coconut juice and fulfilling lunch. My aunt's place has no running electricity and water; instead they have a non stop water faucet from the stream with cold sweet water. Their backyard has different kinds of fruit trees and clear wide river as their swimming pool in front of the house. The different kinds of birds and insects noise as their music at night and many fireflies as their dancing little lights around the house and full moonlight as spotlight. Hmm! We started planning tomorrow's activity and have decided to be up early.
The next day.. It's 5am and I can already hear the chicken waking me up as my alarm clock. I started packing of things I have to bring with me as we are going to camp far from towns. We left the house at 6am, pass by 3 coconut farms, hike and climb 2 mountains and cross the river 7 times. Catching my breath as we arrived at destination around 10am from the walk or rather from the view that never failed to take my breath away every minute I have my eyes open. I wish I can be more graphic describing how enchanted the place is, how breeze kissing my skin, how green the surroundings and river ranging from small rocks and stones making friendly noises whispering music to my ears. There is a little rest house my cousins use every time they harvest the coconuts for copra. We will spend a night here and down again early morning but we have to go back to the river again and hatch shrimps for our meals. There is also a little stream on the side of the rest house of where we get our water. Since being in a rain forest, expect all wild fruits that have indescribable sweet and wild taste. Most of our afternoon we spend laughing bonding with my first time met cousins, as they maybe have simple yet fulfilling happy life. We also decided to visit the waterfall nearby with water so antarcticly cold and clear and as sit underneath the water falls that gave my back a hard massage taken off my stress. Wow! Around the falls, we heard the some wild boar getting closer but didn't really have the chance to see it, instead just have these birds singing along with us.
The next day, as we had some truck tires interiors we used to float allowing ourselves be flows along with river's current and brought us back to town. We pass by some locals with goggles, they are mining gold from stones in the river since the island have rich mine of gold in their mountain that water current are taking it along with stones. They have no other high-tech equipment instead they just have special skills getting the gold. I'm just not sure how many they can get but it pretty much enough to support their family. It's quite fascinating watching them. Hmm.. I think you can all imagine my face smiling through out the whole trip. Then as we get back to town, and saw again the hanging bridge, me and my cousins have decided to jump off. WOW! So much adventures so far.
AS leaving the island, I'm silently hoping of no other people will never get any closer to this place and start ruining everything like polluting the river, cutting trees, killing wild animals and mining the gold. Then again, I always knew this place exist but never before I was eager to visit since I have taken for granted this gifted chances God gave me until the day I went to the middle east and see nothing but same colors everyday of the desert. Now, I have realized the beauty of my country rich of nature and much more appreciation I am feeling at the moment and gladly it isn't too late.
So here my dear friends and family, I am sharing to all of you some thought from Philippines
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photo by: tj1777