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Having arrived in Hungary, I was pretty surprised that they didn't check my ID again as they always do in Poland. Did I miss anything? However, I didn't mind this at all, because I was in hurry anyway. I had told my host I would arrive at his place at 15:30 and there was only some more than one hour left - and I hate it to be late and tax someone's good will.
Actually, one hour seems a lot get through the city and indeed it would be no problem - the entrance hall was full of adverts for the "airport shuttle", a minibus, which brings you just to the door and sundry taxi companies. But because of my avarice in such situations and the fact that I wanted to get there on my own (and have a little adventure :-) ) I decided to take public transport. This meant to take the Bus to Köbanya-Kispest and to go from there by Metro with a change in between.

But first of all the bus stop was to find. After asking at the info counter I did: If you arrive at Terminal 2, just get out of the Terminal. The bus stop to Budapest is just in front of the building between Terminal 2A and 2B. From there you go to Köbanya-Kispest, which is the last stop. The ticket you'll get from the driver for 400 HUF (at least at the moment it costs so much). You can get it cheaper from the machine at the bus stop, but I suppose that - like me - hardly anyone of you will have enough coins (the machine doesn't accept banknotes).

On the way from the airport I got more and more excited. I was going to couchsurf with two different people in Budapest and I had gained hardly any experience in this by that time. But I love this feeling, when one is a bit lost in an unknown place and doesn't know what to expect.
The only things I knew were that my first host is a game developer living near the Buda castle and my second host is a German girl studying and living in Budapest for half a year now.

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Ferihegy International Airport