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I got a late start due to difficulty sleeping. I decide that with the island tour the next day, I would spend the day exploring Victoria.

I head up the hill to the Citadel. There had been a fortification here since Phoenician times. The Romans continued the development. It's a mini city, walled and centered around an amazing church set high within the interior. Services are still held here, regularly. I climb the many layers, levels, and steps. I go through many archways and corridors so very narrow. I reach the fortification wall and climb up to the walk. I can see most of Gozo. It is an amazing vantage point. I can see cities, villages, fortresses, farms, churches, mountain plateaus and valleys in between.

I can see all the way to the Mediteranean to the north and to the south. I can see to the channel, Comino, and to Malta to the East. It is am impressive sight. It is like nothing I've ever seen before. It looks like medieval kindoms from a fairy tale. I must come back for sunset. I'm sure the view is spectacular.

I head down to explore the lower city, it's churches, it's squares, it's life. It's laid back. Some might even feel the need to check for a pulse but, It's peaceful and real. No tourism here......not really. It's real people and real life. I walk the alleyways enjoying the unique architectual details on average homes. Due to the almost 100% use of limestone in the construction of ......everything, it's easy to rout details. So, there are very elaborate designs on everyones homes.

Some might think it to be gaudy but, it is obviously how they express themselves. The details make the average look quite luxurious.

I stop at Plaze St. Geoge for lunch. It's a secluded square with a fantastic Maltese baroque Basilica St. George. I have a nice late lunch at Grape's Wne Bar (review). The sun is high bright and not a cloud in sight. I sit at a table with an umbrealla with a view of the church as I lunch. It's a nice experience.

After a thorogh walk through lower town, it's pretty small, I head back up the hill. I to stand on the wall of the citadel and journal and watch the sunset. I expect to be inspired.

I stand on the outer wall looking to the north at the valley of many farms. Plateaus frame this view. There is quite a city on plateau to the right with a prominent basilica.

The plateau to the left is lush and green, as is most all of Gozo, and devoid of development. In between the plateaus I can see the blue of the Mediteranean Sea.

I walk down the wall to take in the western view. The view is little kingdoms in the distance. there is a large terraced, lush, green plateau in front of me. It is a looks prehistoric or other worldly.

The view that I am taking in is probably a very old one that hasn't changed in hundreds of years or even longer. I see style influences of Italian, Arabic, French, and British. It is an interesting mix to say the least.

It's a stange and wonderful feeling to be standing in a place that I am able to see so much of the island's makeup and structure. It's like floating above and looking down.

I think of the history that has unfolded within this vantage point. Today, I am able to ponder that and am witness to an end of another one of it's days, high atop the Citadel, high atop Gozo.

The sun has set now so, I climb down from the Citadel and into the evening traffic???, on a Sunday???, in Gozo???, bumper to bumper??? I start my search for an evening meal. After browsing a few menus and not being inspired, I see a sign for a restaurant that had been recomended, Moldonado Bistro (Review).  I'm not sure where to go as the sign is not giving directions. I ask the cop, who is directing the traffic threw town. He knows it and gives directions.

There are no sidewalks along this area as this is a very old part of town and two way traffic has had to be accomodated.

So, I walk in the traffic. It's not really moving anyway. I. finally, see it, Moldonado Bistro.

I am seated and place my order. The waiter comes back and I ask about the traffic situation. He tells me while rolling his eyes. The people of Gozo are car people. They are strange. On Sundays, the make the rounds of the island. They have a ritual, west side to east then central and back to west for church services. Even on a small island, this creates a traffic jam. He also says "We are really strange. We are on an island and we don't fish. We hunt but we have no forrests. I can't explain it." He's a funny guy. As I eat my meal I am treated to a jazzy version of "Que Sera Sera." It makes me laugh.

Dinner finished, I am pleasantly full and ready for a rest. I return to the hotel anxiously thinking about tomorrow's jeep tour of Gozo!


gemini59 says:
I'm glad to know you like Gozo my friend. :D
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
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