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Saturday the 21st of March 2009. A meet up with TB members (11) and CS members (2) in The Hague, political capital of the Netherlands.

From 2pm until 5 pm we went ice climbing in The Globe. The Globe has an indoor ice wall where it's always freezing. With four people at the same time we had 45 minutes to try out the climbing with ice axes and crampons. Quite different from normal climbing, but a lot of fun! Some of us climbed up with hooking the axes and kicking the crampons like it was a piece of cake. For others it was a little bit more difficult. Not all of us reached the top and some lost their axes half way the wall because of sore muscles... But we all survived and we all did the best we could! 

After the first part of this cool meet up we walked through the centre of The Hague to the restaurant De Boterwaag. In this restaurant it wasn't allowed to make a reservation for more than 12 people. So Marthijn made a reservation and I made one. Arriving at the restaurant they were not really happy with the two reservations, but they made no problem of it.  A few minutes later we were sitting at a big table ordering some drinks! I enjoyed the food, the ambiance and the conversations. 'All the good things of being single...' was one of the topics.
We also had to celebrate a birthday! It was Edwin who got a year older. He got sparkles at his dessert and we all sang Happy Birthday.

After dinner we walked around The Hague centre and the Binnenhof. The Binnenhof is were all the politics happen.  From there the bar hopping started. Since it was only 9.15pm it was still early and quiet on the streets and in the bars. The first bar was a rock cafe with a live show of a rock band. We stayed here for an hour or so and went on to another bar, and another and another... Femke and I liked to go to a latin bar, but this was closed unfortunately. I'm not so good in remembering names of all the bars we've been to.
It was a little difficult to find a place with music that every one liked. Our music preference were totally different. The last two hours we stayed in dance/trance club. Except from paying for hanging up your jacket, girls had to pay too for their bags. How unfair is that?!

At the end we were with seven people. Femke, Jenny, Rina, Edwin, Marthijn, Thomas and I. Edwin had his car parked at the Globe. We walked back to car. Seven people in the car was like getting an elephant in a fridge... But we managed. Edwin driving, Thomas in the passenger seat and the rest of us in the back. Fingers crossed for not seeing any cops. After a fifteen minute drive we made it to Marthijn's place. The shock absorbers were tested to the max.

We changed Marthijns living room into a campsite, blew up some air matrasses and we crashed down. Ready for a few hours of sleep.
Around 12am we should meet Jessica and Harish at Snow World Zoetermeer. A little later than planned we arrived at the indoor skiing hall.
It was time for the second cool part of the meet up: snowboarding or skiing!
I only boarded once before and I gave mountain board lessons last summer. But I was ready to crash a couple of times. Marthijn gave me, Rina and Femke a snowboard lesson. After half an hour I was able to go up the hill. Not a steep one. The hill for starters.
After an hour Femke, Rina and Thomas quit. We had a drink and the rest of us continued for one more hour. I made a big crash and fell hard on my butt. Things like that happen. No problem. After some practising I went to the steep hill where Marthijn and Jessica were. I was surprised by my own skills. It went much better than I expected. It was good fun!

Thanks for coming and hope to meet all of you soon again!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so all the pics I add here are stolen from others :p

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jessica0606 says:
Femke and Maike you re both looking very cool and like a professional on the pics! hahaha!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
mschubert says:
I've seen your pictures and the ones from Jessica, they are great! I cant believe I missed snowboarding : ( Ice climbing looked pretty cool as well. Next time I'll definitely join!!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
Globevoyager says:
Hahaha no way... it's not that bad! We had fun!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
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