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Before my mother passed away she took each one of her kids on a separate trip.  I went to Japan with her and toured the country jumping from youth hostel to youth hostel.  It was a great trip and I learned much about my heritage. 

At one of the hostels, when I came down for my traditional rice and egg’s breakfast; everyone was talking about some trouble that happened the night before in the women’s wing.  The proprietor had to get up in the middle of the night to scold some people for talking and making noise after the official “lights-out”.  Though things have probably changed a little since then, the Japanese are very orderly people and they didn’t like it when the rules were broken.

I was hoping it wasn’t the group of young Americans that registered right before we did.   I hate it when people propagating the “Rude American” stereotype.

Unfortunately it was them, along with my MOTHER who turned out to be the instigator of the whole thing and insisted on making things worse by arguing with the man.


Needless to say we didn’t stay another night, and that story was told repeatedly throughout her life.

We also scheduled the trip to coincide with my cousins wedding.  It was the most elaborate thing I had ever attended, with camera’s popping out of the ceiling, fog immerging from underneath the table during the cake cutting, three changes of clothes for the bride and groom, and an introduction to a custom that was quite surprising.

I don’t know if this is for all Japanese wedding, I’ve only been that one, but there is some precedence that calls for all of the guest (except the most senior) to perform something.  As the evening progressed I was really impressed by the talent these people had, everything from solos to group singing and playing instrument, to poetry and dancing.  The concept of “everybody” didn’t become evident to me until I was handed some sheet music with the word to “Love Me Tender”.  My cousins had planned everything from thanking us me for coming “all the way from America” to “and now he will perform the last song of the evening Love Me Tender”.


I will tell you right now, I was terrible, if Elvis was still alive he would have chased me out of the hotel.  I’m really much more of an AC/DC “Back in Black” kind of guy.


The great thing was the Japanese are the most gracious people in the world, and all they did was tell me how wonderful I was.  I’m still trying to destroy all those videos………Beware of Japanese Wedding Invitations.

cyndiemd says:
What a great memory! Your Mother gave you a great gift!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2009
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