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Link to the Arc de Triomphe pictures are here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2254851&l=17186&id=7017887

29 July-
Today was not very eventful. We got out of class at 11 instead of 12 today, which was rockin'. I got a pic with my teacher, of my classroom, etc. I also made a video which is mainly for my mom but will be made available here for everyone through some means at some point after I get home. Don't hold your breath though, it might take a while. We tried to go to Pere Lachaise cemetery but it was closing as we got there. We did do some last minute souvenir shopping though. I got myself a Paris t-shirt and my mom some more stuff. That's about it. After dinner (which was awesome, rotisserie chicken and fries, I will miss the nuns' cooking) we hung out for a while and then went to the Eiffel Tower and got there right as it shiney'd on the hour (11pm). Got video and a few pictures of that, but they will not be up til after I arrive back in the states. Got home right after midnight and am going to bed soon because we are leaving at 10 in the morning and I have to get up at least by 8:30 to get ready.

I am simultaneously really sad yet excited to go home. I'm sure I will be home a few days and then be wanting to come back to France. I love Paris so much. I thought all of Europe was great, but since traveling to some other places, I realized that it really is Paris that is just magical. I was already ready to come back here after our trips elsewhere. It really is just a fantastic place. I would love to live here (esp. in the arrondissement we are in now, but that is probably mondo expensive). Well, that is all for now. I will be arriving in Atlanta tomorrow at 5:20pm EST, and so hopefully will be back at my house by 9pm CT.

See you all on the flip side (of the Atlantic Ocean),
Au revoir!
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photo by: Sweetski