2 juillet 2008-- le premier jour de la classe

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one of our school buildings from the courtyard... very medieval French village
So I didn't really feel like updating last night, so I am including 1er juillet and 2 juillet together in this post.
1er juillet:
Yesterday, I woke up a little after 5am. I saw the dawn of a new day and it was beautiful. The moon was still up when I got up. The city is pretty quiet at that hour, the only time I've seen it that way yet. The metro and buses start running around 5:30 though, so soon after a busy new day started. I had breakfast in the morning basically by myself (most people were sleeping still) about 7:20. When I got back to the room, Marie was sick and throwing up so I got her some bread and water. The pharmacie opened at 9am, so I went to get her some anti-nausea medicine then, and I also went to Monoprix to get her some saltines and 1,5L bouteille d'eau (bottle of water). The nausea medicine helped her, along with water and some more sleep. I took a nap around 11am until a little after 1pm, and then the group went to Monparnasse-Bienvenue station to get our Carte Orange metro/bus passes for the month.
me and Marie at school
After we got those, part of the group decided we would go to see Notre Dame, which we did and it was absolutely amazing. It's so old and really cool, although a little creepy because the saints' eyes follow you and stare at you as you walk in. Pictures of that are on the previous post. At 6:30 the nuns we are staying with at Ste Famille served us dinner. We had chicken and rice, cheese, and vanilla/strawberry ice cream for dessert. After dinner, Marie and I took le metro to see the Eiffel Tower. It was SOOOO awesome! Pictures (and a video, although that video might be for facebook people only) are up of that as well. After we finally got back from the eiffel tower, it was a little after midnight. We went to bed about 1:30.
2 juillet:
This morning I got up around 7:30 and took a shower, then went to breakfast. Our breakfast isn't alot, it's just bread and jam/butter, and cereal, but it's pretty tasty. Then Dr. Morris took us to the school to get our schedules for class. my class is okay. I feel kinda dumb because I don't always know what the teacher is saying, but I see confused looks on other people's faces too so I don't feel too bad.
the courtyard from my class on the 5th floor
There's only one other Auburn person, Abigail, in my class. Everyone else is from different places. There's a girl from Florida, and a couple girls from FSU. There's also a Korean nun (random, I know), a couple of older (40's) women from San Diego and San Francisco, and a guy from Edinburgh, Scotland. In all there are 16 people. Ma prof, elle s'appelle Emmanuelle. She's nice enough. Class is 3 hours long though, from 9-12, so I zoned out a little after about 10:45. After class let out, Marie and I got ham and cheese sandwiches from a little stand, and then changed my dollars into euros finally, at a bureau de change. We ran into Drew (our program director's son) at the metro station and he invited us to go to Montmartre at 2pm, which was about an hour and a half from when we met him. So we went shopping, as us girls do, at H&M. Marie found a couple tops on sale (France is having its biannual sales right now) and I found a dress but it must've been new because it wasn't on sale, so I didn't get it (it was 25 euros).
tiny car... tinier car
After that, we went to meet Drew at the station and then we went to Montmartre to see Le Sacre Coeur which is a basilica. The pictures of that (and the first day of class) are here:
and there are some more random pictures of stuff about town in another album here:
Sacre Coeur

Tomorrow, I have an afternoon class with another professor tomorrow so I'll let everyone know how that goes. It is from 2-5 (love that 2-hour French lunch break!). After that, I think we are going to the Musee d'Orsay, which has art from, among others, Monet, Renoir, Degas and van Gogh.
me on top of Paris!
It is open until 9:45pm on Thursdays, which is why we're going. Friday I think we are going to the Louvre after 6 (it's free for students with ID then, until it closes at 9:45) and then we will probably go back Sunday because it (and many other museums) are free on the first Sunday of the month. The Lion King broadway play (Le Roi Lion en français) is playing in a theater 3 neighborhoods away from here (we're in the 6th, it's in the 9th) and we can get tickets through the month of July for 20 euros so I think we may do that. There are still several available as of this afternoon, so I think we will do that at some point while we're here!
Anyway it is almost midnight and I'm tired, so I am going to go to sleep now.
Au revoir!
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one of our school buildings from t…
one of our school buildings from …
me and Marie at school
me and Marie at school
the courtyard from my class on the…
the courtyard from my class on th…
tiny car... tinier car
tiny car... tinier car
Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur
me on top of Paris!
me on top of Paris!
photo by: Sweetski