18 juillet

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This week hasn't been especially eventful, but I will update y'all anyway.

16 July-
Wednesday, after class, Marie and I went to Notre Dame (she hadn't been inside at all yet) and then we went to the top of the tower! It was really cool, you can see alot from up there (it's a bit higher than the 1st platform of the Eiffel tower). Pictures are available here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2251112&l=ce6fd&id=7017887
The Paris archaeological crypt is also near the cathedral, so we went in there too (it was only 1.60EUR for students). It was really cool, but I didn't take that many pictures because my camera was dying and I was really tired after climbing all the stairs at Notre Dame. The pictures for this are in the same album as the Notre Dame tower pics (link above).

17 July-
Yesterday, we didn't really do much besides go to class all day (morning and afternoon on Thursdays). After class, we went to FNAC which is like this big store that has music, books, and DVDs and such and also sells tickets to cultural things like theater shows. You can get Versailles tickets there (only 1.50EUR more than at Versailles, minus 2+ hours of waiting in line... score!), so that is what we did. Then we went to H&M because Marie needed some jeans. She FINALLY found one pair that fit. The two of us are like the hardest people in the world to fit for jeans.

18 July-
Today, we have not done anything yet. I had a solo adventure to McDonald's for lunch because I really really wanted some chicken (we have been getting ham and cheese from this little street vendor for lunch like EVERY DAY, and I'm a little sick of it). Also, Marie got out of class 30 minutes before me, so she had already gotten lunch. The chicken McNuggets are alot tastier than the ones in the US, much less cardboard-y tasting. Some guy did keep asking me for money though, to get some food. It's like, seriously dude, you live in France. You get 700 euros a month from the government, what do you want from me?
Tonight, we are going to the Louvre again (we may actually finish all the big stuff tonight!) but first we are going to the Tuileries gardens for a while. They are in front of the Louvre. There is a fair going on there right now so we will probably go around that for a bit too. We will start at Place de la Concorde which is at the end of the Champs-Élysées, and where the Egyptian obelisk (circa 2000BC) France "borrowed" is. We will start there, make our way through the gardens, and end up at the Louvre at about the time it becomes free.

Weekend Itinerary:
19 July-
Versailles: leaving around 9am, will get there about 10am, gone until whenever we get back. We'll be gone basically all day. Phone will still work.
20 July-
Strasbourg 7:30am (approx. when our train leaves) arriving in Strasbourg about 9:30am. Leaving to come back to Paris around 6:30pm, arriving back around 8 something. We'll be there about 8-9 hours but phone should still work (is in France). However, we're going to try to make it on a bus over to Germany for a bit, just to say we've been, so in that time it's possible the phone won't work.

That's all for now!
Au revoir,
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photo by: lasersurge