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Paul and I behind the bar, trying to help ourselves.
When Paul and I were started planning the trip, there was one destination that was mandatory.  The Bundaberg (Bundy) Rum distillery, located in Bundaberg, a city along the coast.

We had spent the morning driving through the town and enjoyed the change in scenery.  Budaberg was surrounded by sugar cane fields all of which were mainly for the rum factory.  Bundaberg Rum is truly an Australian pride and joy drink. I had enjoyed vast amounts of the rum since my arrival to this continent and was up for seeing where this sweet nectar had originated from.  Paul, Neil and I were able to make it in for the first tour at 10am.

Well, the tour was uneventful.   Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and all.
  I had learned everything there was to know about Bundaberg rum.  But it was average and I was hoping for something more exciting.  It may not have helped that before the tour I had joked with Paul on how I thought the tour was going to be like. 

I had hoped the distillery was going to give some grand tour like in the movie Willy Wonka.  I had imagined that as soon I was inside, everything would have been made of rum.   The only way out would have been to taste and drink my way through the tour.   I was waiting for the my tour guide to give the statement, “You know no other factory in the world mixes there rum by waterfall”. 

But, perhaps it was a good thing that was not the case.  I probably would have ended up like the fat kid in the movie who had fallen into the chocolate river.
The town of Bundaberg and the beautiful sugar cane fields.
  However, would drowning in a river full of rum be a bad way to go?  I think I gave this too much thought. 

The best part of the tour was the end because the last stop was the bar.  The price of admission was $25 and it only included two drinks.  Paul and I tried most of the various rums and mixes they have to offer.  I purchased a few bottles of their good stuff to take back to the states with me.  Bundaberg only exports about 1% of their rum so it truly is an all Aussie drink. 

After the factory and feeling a bit cheerier, we had to continue our journey on.  We loaded back up in the car and took a left turn out of town.  Our new heading was west, towards the outback.
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Paul and I behind the bar, trying …
Paul and I behind the bar, trying…
The town of Bundaberg and the beau…
The town of Bundaberg and the bea…
photo by: Hannah1982Bug