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Dolphins are a regular sight in Bunbury
Ma and I had made some tentative plans to meet up here at Christmas after we were in Bunbury last April.  She decided to come over early so we rejigged the date for our rendezvous to fit in with Nana's 95th birthday this month.  As well as catching up with the two generations of my maternal line it was my intention to do a whole lot of nothing.

We had decided to stay with my cousin Dave who's been over here for the past 20 odd years.  He had plenty of space for Ma and I and his having to work each day meant we were able to do as we pleased.
  Dave's home is in Australind which is a small town on the outskirts of Bunbury.  I've always thought of it as a suburb but I think it deserves more recognition than that.
Estuary near Australind
  Bunbury is still the main focus but Australind has it's own shopping centre so you could probably survive quite well for months without needing to go into Bunbury and in my books that makes it a location in it's own right.

Having said that, there's not a hell of a lot there to keep you entertained and the only point of interest in the Australind "hood" is the estuary and the beach.  Those who have looked at my photos of Bunbury in the blog from last year (Mercy Dash) will have seen the spectacular beauty of the Australind sunset across the estuary.  This time we spent time there during daylight hours so the photos are different.

Dave had a day off during the time we stayed with him.  He was keen to show us what the locals do when they go to the beach.  We went in his small Toyota 4x4 out onto the spit that protects the estuary.
South along the empty beach
  This place is protected nature reserve but it's one of those places the locals don't seem to know about.  My aunty Margaret had bought me out here previously to see if we could spot kangaroos that inhabit the area and to see Bunbury from a different angle.  Dave's plan was to blast around on the beach and enjoy some four wheel driving.

As soon as we got there we realised the sand was VERY soft.  There hasn't been rain in Bunbury for months so there was no base to the beach sand except close to the water's edge.  We headed out onto the beach anyway but Ma and I could see that he was disappointed he wouldn't be able to get the Toyota to the fun tracks.
  We drove a few KMs along the beach, passing several families that were enjoying the swimming or fishing.  All up we only saw about 1/2 dozen of them along the whole stretch; on such a beautiful Sunday I wondered why the place wasn't a hive of activity.
Too soft for the Rav4

  Anyway, we didn't go right to the southern point, across from Bunbury city, because the sand got much more soft and Dave was starting to worry we would get stuck.  We gingerly completed a u-turn and headed back the way we came.
  Dave picked a different route to exit the beach and as we climbed the slight rise to the tar seal we started to go down faster than we were going forward.  That was that!  We all jumped out and appraised the situation.  Back or forward were out the question, a tow rope was the solitary choice.  Dave headed off up the beach to ask for help from the family who had a bigger truck.

After a few attempts and a hairy moment or two, where I thought the larger vehicle was going to sink because of our dead weight, both vehicles seemed to shoot out of the soft onto the more firm sand.  After thanking our new mate Dave gunned it at a speed that kept us skipping across the top of the sand until we were safely out on the seal.

Towards the end of my holiday we visited Nana to throw her a 95th celebration lunch in her room.  She was pretty pleased to be the center of attention but confused about when her birthday was.  We were a week early because I was leaving so the old girl would have at least one more celebration, maybe two by the time she actually hit 95.

Then Dave took me back to Perth where I was catching an early morning flight to Darwin the following day.  He and Ma stayed for dinner before I sent them back to Bunbury.  I told Ma I'd catch up with her in another 4 months when I got back home.  Dave and I talked about motorcycling through Vietnam some time in the future.  Then they were gone and I was hanging about in a transit room close to the airport.
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Dolphins are a regular sight in Bu…
Dolphins are a regular sight in B…
Estuary near Australind
Estuary near Australind
South along the empty beach
South along the empty beach
Too soft for the Rav4
Too soft for the Rav4
photo by: gimpel