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Is that a rubber boot or a boot rubber?

As I come to the end of my mission here in Timor Leste I find myself chasing the peculiarities that tickled my fancy from the time I arrived.  This week I have been able to capture two of them with my camera, something I haven't been bold enough to do previously.


When I speak of having my fancy tickled, the first object could make some eyebrows raise but I assure everyone it's not like that at all.

Smokey old lawn mower
  Actually, more of concern should be the fact that I had to capture this shot in the men's toilet; I don't think there's anybody that would disagree with me when I say I had to time things exactly right.  It is NOT cool to be caught "camera in hand" when you're in the little room!!!


Of course the picture is self explanatory, and it's more of play on language (Tetum to English) rather than belittling an issue taken very seriously by the U N.  I hope your fancy is tickled as mine was (ooh err!)


The next thing is more common than many of us admit.  Who hasn't had trouble with a smokey old lawn-mower? 


Then again you must remember this is Timor and the last time I mentioned doing the lawn in this country was back in Viqueque in July last year when I witnessed the PNTL do their lawn in the typical fashion -drop a match and run like hell.


Here at the Esplanada things are a bit more classy.  Yes, there's smoke but it comes from the lawn mower... who's a very nice old Timorese man!

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Is that a rubber boot or a boot ru…
Is that a rubber boot or a boot r…
Smokey old lawn mower
Smokey old lawn mower
photo by: jose28