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Darwin CBD

I had finally reached the end of my R&R in the Sydney suburbs.  I hadn't done very much at all and many travellers would say I had wasted the opportunity.  In my opinion not all travel has to be full of extreme activities.  We must remember travel is also about sitting still and observing the environment and it's inhabitants.  That was the type of travel I'd just had.  Now it was time to go back to work.


Lisa dropped me at the airport around lunchtime.  I hate airport goodbyes, something she had recalled from my visit in 2006 so I was pleased to get the hugs all done at home before we got into the car.

Deckchair cinema
  We chatted easily as she drove us through the city.  We've been friends a long time and shared much so conversation came easily, even in this somewhat sad moment.


At the airport she glided up to the curb, wished each other well and I slipped out of the car and into the terminal with a quick look back and a wave as she drove back into the traffic flow.


Next stop Darwin.


My flight there was budget.  It's the first time I've ever flown this sort of distance on such a budget airline and it held a few lessons for me.  Preparation is the key, books, paper, pens, nibbles, drink... well, anything to keep me interested really.  The seats weren't designed for a dude with long lins like mine and my magazine didn't keep me entertained long enough to stop me twitching uncomfortably.  I won't get caught like that again so even this can be turned into a positive when a lesson can be learned.


It was not the flight I had booked but one I had been bumped to.  I didn't mind that at all because my original flight had me landing in Darwin in the dark and this flight, being 4 hours earlier had me getting into Darwin just before dinner time so I could see where my hotel was situated as the shuttle delivered me there.


I checked in and went up to my room.  Another bump but this time an upgrade.  Darwin in the summer is not the place to be.  The wet season brings storms and rain.  Humidity is sky high and everyone heads South to escape it all, returning to the "Top End" when the weather improves -in winter!


I relaxed in the room for a while then hit the streets in search of something quick and easy for dinner.  Oddly enough there were slim lickings in downtown Darwin on a Thursday evening and in the end I had to settle for McDonalds under the backpackers.  It was NOT great.  The food was horrid and the service non-existent, then I had to sit out in the street where rain was threatening.  Fortunately I didn’t get wet so I’ll settle for that positive.


Next morning I showered and hit the streets to explore the CBD properly.  The Mirambeena reception was happy to look after my bag until my shuttle came to collect me and I’d used their internet connection to confirm the UN had saved me a seat on their plane so I was going get home –Nice!


I started across the road from the Mirambeena at a little café where I had raisin toast and latte for breakfast.  I also took my time reading their paper.  It was a local rag but it had been some time since I had been able to digest English news so I was taking every opportunity.


Finally I thought it time to take my leave of the café.  My flight wasn’t until the afternoon so I had to be back at the hotel for the shuttle at 12.30pm, not enough time to do anything exciting but more than enough to gad-about the CBD.


I then found out it was about twice as long as one needs to explore the Darwin CBD (sigh), for that reason I ended up walking around it twice.


… and it was HOT.  I had to pop into a few shops in an attempt to cool my sweating brow.  The shops were on the whole –ordinary.  Of course I was not there to buy but there wasn’t even anything that grabbed my attention so loitering in front of air conditioning units made me feel pretty guilty.  Had there been a great cd store I would have happily whiled away a couple of hours but strangely enough I didn’t find a single one.


When I arrived in Darwin last week I visited a suburban shopping centre that was full of all the typical stores (including cd store) but perhaps that was the reason the Central Business District was so ho-hum, people love the easy convenience of one-stop shopping and thus another city heart dies!


Something I did find great was a park with a walkway dedicated to the Darwin, or NT, women of importance.  It lead from the cenotaph down to the deck-chair cinema –another terrific idea.

  I wandered along the path reading about the historical figures and looking forward to finding the cinema and the WWII tunnels promised by the signpost at the top.  I found the cinema but the tunnels weren’t to be found.


I decided to leave the path at the end and walk out to the cliff edge to see the sea.  I think I got about 7 paces before I was beaten back by a giant cloud of killer mosquitoes –huge like the monster Darwin ants and surely full of Ross River Virus!!!  I ran like hell……

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Darwin CBD
Darwin CBD
Interesting pathway
Interesting pathway
Deckchair cinema
Deckchair cinema
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