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Still night at Lincoln Green Hotel

I guess having just 4 hours to hang around at home before I had to head to Rotorua airport was a bit of a blessing.  Ma was not enjoying the morning as she awaited my impending departure but I had a couple of things to keep me busy; run the car, final check of e-mails, sort final messages for work phone and computer.  That all done meant there was just the job of lunch.


I had to drop my patrol car at the Rotorua station and collect a couple of last minute things from my DHQ office (or is that ex-office?).  Ma wanted to drive me from the station to the airport so she headed over in her own car.


I got the little jobs done and said "adios" to the staff that were in the station when I left the key for my boss to collect.  Ma swooped past the front door and I leapt aboard.


At the airport I had a discussion with the ladies about my 39kgs of "stuff" -definitely not my usual travel kit!  Pack, then halve it, then half again.  Trouble is these two bags are filled mostly with uniform, boots and tools of the trade; I couldn't get away with taking just half.


Ma and I had coffee as I waited the 40mins for my boarding call.  She read the paper and I remembered things I'd left behind, luckily nothing of any importance.  We hugged and kissed goodbye when it was that time and I headed through Gate 4.


Rotorua airport has just one door out to the waiting planes.  This is marked Gates 1-4 and we'd already watched two other flights leave from Gate 2.  That meant they were parked just right of the exit, my plane was parked to the left.


As I reached the top of the stairs I realised this was a very little plane!  No more than 20 seats, one on each side of the central aisle.  I passed up the middle to find my seat in the rear of the plane.  A lady was sitting there already and it wasn't built for two.  I confirmed her seat was the one opposite and we decided she should stay put.  I sat where she was meant to be and stuffed my carry-ons under the seat in front. 


This thing was a very basic plane compared to what I was used to and as I sat there it struck me, I'd never flown North out of Rotorua, always South to Wellington.  I'd flown into Auckland dozens of time but always to the international terminal, this was my first flight through the domestic terminal so the new experiences this trip was sure to bring were beginning right here and now!


I was arriving earlier than the other two guys from Wellington so I had a wait until they flew in.  It was great to see them when they arrived and we loaded our gear into the shuttle and headed out to Lincoln Green Hotel.

goezi says:
I would hope the storm warning devices for this little plane would be better than my broken ankle! :) Luckily I didn't have to find that out!!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
gimpel says:
For some it's always difficult to check the boarding pass.On the passenger list you will be the lady and she will be you.And then you hope nothing happens..

grt richard
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
williamsworld says:
Small planes. I can relate.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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Still night at Lincoln Green Hotel
Still night at Lincoln Green Hotel
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee