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Overlooking Dili towards Atauro Island
2010 has started with some sweeping changes in the National Traffic Unit.  I have finally managed to recruit two new staff members into the office that are keen and capable men, able to assist me with the duties we're required to perform.  It's been refreshing!

The trouble has been there hasn't been much work since Christmas and the mission is going into a crazy spiral with a couple of terrible events that have thrown the management into chaos.  Unfortunately the effect has not gone undetected by the media and the papers, radio and television are all full of bad news stories about policing throughout the country.  We Kiwis are all surprised it has taken so long for any of these stories to hit the media and there is very little that we disagree with.
Just hanging around

So, as the PNTL carried out their examinations for the past couple of weeks I had time to read the madie reviews and even get out of the office to see some areas of the city I have not been before.  It was nice to be able to relax a little.  I have had 7 months of 100% work and now I feel a bit confused about having no work to do.  I have been fiddling with little jobs that didn't really need doing just to pass the time until I was able to take this last week off.

I had a few ideas for my CTO.  I was going to rent a motorcycle and do day visits to the neighbouring districts but in the end I stayed at the Esplanada and enjoyed more time doing very little.  Because I had so little time off in the first 7 months I have a lot of leave owing.  The next 5 months will mean I have plenty of leave to see the country.

I returned to work yesterday and things have returned to normal.  The mood in the mission is somewhat worse.  The PNTL are more unco-operative.  The work is coming at me faster than it ever did but now I can deflect a bit of it to my Pakistani (Farooq) or my Swede (Thomy).  How fantastic it is to have confidence in them to get those jobs done!

Life is STILL very very good!
goezi says:
Haha there is an idea along those lines Britt. Getting the hard word from a few of my US chums. I'll try to work it in within the next 12 months or so I hope.
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
williamsworld says:

Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
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Overlooking Dili towards Atauro Is…
Overlooking Dili towards Atauro I…
Just hanging around
Just hanging around
High vantage point on the Dili-Ail…
High vantage point on the Dili-Ai…
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Farooq high above the President's…
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Dili power upgrade comes to Beach…
Line man doing the business
Line man doing the business
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Cable men with a loose end
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Perched workers
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