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Brakes go on when drivers see the radar
February's been a funny old month.  Looking back, well, that's not really something I've felt the urge to do since I've been here but I have a lot more time than I've had previously and February is perhaps worth another glance.

There have been NZ social events like Waitangi Day and work related social outings to cafes with the National Traffic team to bid farewell to Farooq and welcome Israel.  Then there has been the PNTL action -or inaction.  I just can't seem to foster any co-operation with Antonio at all and I've actually only seen him in the office on 3 occasions since December 19th.  Makes for a pretty poor partnership and an impossible coaching arrangement!

Things have been desperate and I have got to the point I am creating jobs for us just so I can stay busy.
Nothing worth stopping yet
  One of the projects I have been busy with has been the development of speed enforcement training.  Wrote the training packages, developed the lecture and drew up some fancy certificates.  Went out to ensure it all worked in practise and now all I need is the authorisation to travel around the country to do the biz.  Sounds easy right?!  Still waiting...

Then one day as we were heading to the PNTL office I saw a microlet with 5 people sitting on the roof.  Overloading of microlets is a common problem so this was just too obvious for us to drive past without dealing with it.  I ended up prosecuting the driver for a couple of offences (out of about 5 I could have) and the owner for another 2.

It was my first prosecution since I've been here and I learned very quickly why I've spent so long working on the RDTL traffic law and the policing process.
Head down, arse up looking for the engine number
  Sadly I learned all my work had also come to nothing as the process is still not functioning as it should.  The event did spur me to contact the ladies from the Ministry of Infrastructure again though.  I had to find out what has happened to all my reports.

I met the ladies yesterday and we discussed the citation documentation and the legal review.  They have pushed the issues since I raised them in October; to the Prosecutor, the Prime Minister and the President.  All have given a gasp of amazement and then done nothing.  I have suggested a change to our tactics and the ladies are now going to push the new citation design through the Department of Transport and we will begin training the PNTL in the new form and processes next week.

The next day I will take off for Western Australia where I will enjoy 3 glorious weeks away from these problems.  When I return I will give serious consideration to what comes next in my life.  I'm due to finish my mission in June so plans need to be made.

Where to after this??????
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Brakes go on when drivers see the …
Brakes go on when drivers see the…
Nothing worth stopping yet
Nothing worth stopping yet
Head down, arse up looking for the…
Head down, arse up looking for th…
I check the chassis number with pa…
I check the chassis number with p…
Mario indicates 12 passengers only
Mario indicates 12 passengers only
Morning sea mist across Dili beach
Morning sea mist across Dili beach
US frigate Reuben James visits
US frigate "Reuben James" visits
photo by: jose28